Apex Legends Play Pack Offered Free To PS+ Members

Apex Legends Play Pack
Apex Legends Play Pack Playstation

Apex Legends and Sony have teamed up to give players a little extra something as a way to say thanks. Currently, the Apex Legends Play Pack is free for all PS+ subscribers.

This exclusive offer comes with a total of six items:

  • 1 character skin each for Lifeline and Mirage
  • 1 banner each for Lifeline and Mirage
  • 1 weapon skin each for Eva-8 and R-99

The Play Pack shows up at the Apex Arena, ready to play for PlayStation Plus members.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that gives members various benefits in addition to allowing players to play multiplayer games online. The subscription costs around $24.99 for three months or $59.99 for one year. Benefits include getting free games each month along with discounts to some of the biggest games on PS4. The subscription service also gives members exclusive access to demos and betas. Other benefits include cloud storage and automatic updates, which means members no longer need to update firmware manually, since the subscription service does everything.

Aside from the Apex Legends Play Pack being offered, members get the chance to download Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch for the month of May. Offered as well for this month is the Fortnite Carbon Pack.

Apex Legends was launched in February without any marketing or even prior announcement. Upon release, the game received mainly positive reviews, citing its progression system, gameplay, and even the way it mixes elements from different genres. Within the first week of release, Apex Legends reached 25 million players, and by the end of the first month reached 50 million players. The game was projected by many to challenge Fortnite Battle Royale.

Since its release however, the game has had to deal with a number of issues with players detecting bugs almost on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. The game also faces issues of players cheating. The development team has assured players that they continue to work on solving the issues that plague the game while continuously upgrading the content.

The latest update from Apex Legends included handing out temporary bans to players who piggyback on the effort of their teammates while deliberately avoiding any contribution.

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