Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Buffs Lifeline and Mirage

Lifeline EA

Apex Legends recently received a ton of support from the developer. The Awakening Collection event will go live on June 21, bringing new content and numerous changes to the game. Here, we will discuss all the balancing tweaks this event features.

The patch will buff our favorite healer, Lifeline. Her D.O.C. Heal Drone will have an unlimited healing pool instead of only 150, but the duration remains the same at 20 seconds. Yet its healing radius has been doubled. Her Care Package cooldown will be reduced to 3.5 minutes from the previous five. From now on, the player being revived by Lifeline will have the option to cancel the revive.

Mirage can now use decoys when being redeployed by Valkyrie’s Skydive. You can read about all the balancing changes below.

  • R-301 and Rampage removed from crafting and added back to floor loot.
  • Wingman and CAR SMG added to the crafting and removed from floor loot.
Out of Bounds
  • Weapons and Abilities will now only stow in an OOB trigger when the player is on the ground (OOB timer will still tick up).
Bocek Bow
  • Optic on Gold version defaults to the 3x Ranger.
  • Can now use decoys from Valk Skydive Re-Deploy.
  • Combat Revive
    • Moved revive cancel option from Lifeline to the player that’s getting revived.
  • D.O.C. Heal Drone
    • Healing pool increased from 150 to infinite (still lasts 20s).
    • Doubled the healing radius.
  • Care Package
    • Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.
    • The weapon attachment panel now comes with a Shield Battery instead of two Shield Cells.
    • No blue beam on initial drop (will still show up after the Care Package lands).
  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal offs.
  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal offs.
  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal offs.
  • Rings tuned for more balanced map dispersion.

As mentioned above, the Awakening Collection Event brings new content to the game, makes several QoL changes, and fixes a ton of bugs. You can read about them in great detail via the official site.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Apex Legends recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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