Animal Shelter Simulator Launching Puppies & Kittens DLC in Third Quarter

Check out the cuties.
Check out the cuties. Games Incubator

What’s cuter than saving stray dogs and cats? How about saving the little ones? Animal Shelter Simulator gives you that experience with the upcoming Puppies & Kittens DLC. It’s going to introduce a lot of new content when it’s released in the third quarter.

For example, this upcoming DLC is going to bring new challenges that are sure to test the skills of players. There will be new buildings and even new healing mechanics. Of course, the puppies and kittens which are coming to steal the hearts of players. By the way, expect to see new animations focused mainly on pet feeding and playing.

New Update

While waiting for the new DLC, players can check out the changes that arrived with the new update. These are:

  • Even more BIG fixes to the save/load and location systems.
  • Many changes and updates to different systems in preparation for the upcoming DLC.
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to match an animal with another person even if the animal was already matched with someone.
  • Updates to litter boxes.
  • Fixed random animation playing during play animation, sniff, or fight with other animals.
  • Fixed random animation playing during sniff animation.
  • Fixed random animation playing during a fight with another animal.
  • Disabled camera rotation changes after finishing the player-animal animation.
  • Added safeguards to cage furniture.
  • Fixes to applying medicine.
  • Corrected translations.
  • More fixes to disappearing decorations.
  • Small changes to the popup system.
  • Better handling of items.
  • Fixed social media buttons in the Main Menu.
  • Added DLC promo banner.

In Animal Shelter Simulator, the main goal of players is to look after, treat, and give shelter to animals under their care. There's plenty to do with the shelter, considered a refuge for animals in need and a way to help them find new and suitable owners.

Features of the game include:

  • Everything in the Right Place
    • Having a shelter for homeless animals isn’t about boxes. In fact, there are a lot of buildings involved.
    • With construction mode, players can manage or even buy new buildings.
    • They can also rearrange existing buildings or expand the area.
  • Caring for the Pets
    • The adoption process is lengthy and often gives pets a hard time.
    • Don’t forget to keep track of their needs from hunger and health to the willingness to play and love.
    • Be prepared for special name cards that come in useful.

Animal Shelter Simulator is being offered at a 12% discount on Steam until May 19. You can wishlist the Puppies & Kittens DLC here.

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