Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Go Full Tonya Harding With Winter Sports Update

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (c) Nintendo

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has hit its players with event after event. Most recently, the Rover’s Garden Safari event got players to go big on their gardens. Players were also encouraged to interact with their friends’ gardens by sharing special event butterflies in exchange for unique flowers in order to obtain limited Rover-themed furniture rewards. The Pocket Camp team also teased a major update that includes clothing crafting and even dressing your own campers.

But the new Winter Sports update came out of nowhere with a bevy of winter-themed furniture, clothes, and also includes a new amenity. You’ll have to collect the new event currency, snowflakes, by doing requests for other campers or by checking out the Quarry during the appropriate time.

Check out all the pretty, skating-inspired goodies below.

Winter Sports Event clothes.
Winter Sports Event clothes. (c) Nintendo
  • Figure-skate shoes (sporty): 10 snowflakes, 100 bells; 1 min

  • Snowboard pants (sporty): 10 snowflakes, 100 bells; 1 min

  • Snowboard jacket (sporty): 10 snowflakes, 100 bells; 1 min

  • Figure-skate outfit (sporty): 40 snowflakes, 300 bells; 10 min

  • Pearl tiara (sporty): 40 snowflakes, 300 bells; 10 min

  • Beanie with goggles (sporty): 40 snowflakes, 300 bells; 10 min

  • Mini skate rink (sporty): 80 snowflakes, 500 bells; 30 min

  • Snow park (generic): 100 snowflakes, 1000 bells; 2 hr; (lvl 1); 150 snowflakes, 1000 bells, 2hr (lvl 2- MAX)

These campers, they be spinnin'....
These campers, they be spinnin'.... (c) Nintendo

Here’s all the event challenges:

  • Craft snow park: Leaf Tickets x 20

  • Craft mini skate rink: Snowflakes x30

  • Craft beanie with goggles: Snowflakes x30

  • Craft pearl tiara: Snowflakes x30

  • Craft figure-skate outfit: Snowflakes x10

  • Craft snowboard jacket: Snowflakes x10

  • Craft snowboard pants: Snowflakes x10

  • Craft figure-skate shoes: Snowflake x10

  • Complete 20 requests for visiting animals: Snowflakes x30

  • Complete 10 request for visiting animals: Snowflakes x10

  • Complete 3 requests for visiting animals: Leaf Tickets x10

A Winter Craft Pack that includes snowflakes is available, which you’ll need to craft all of the event’s limited-time items. The Winter Craft Pack includes 20 Leaf Tickets and 25 Snowflakes and is available until Jan. 31 at 12:59 a.m, with 1 purchase allowed per person.

Crafting for the Winter Sports Event ends on Jan. 31 at 12:59 a.m., so if you’re interested in dressing up your avatar and campsite with the limited-time furniture, make sure to get everything brewing before then.

What do you think of the Winter Sports Event? Is it a little less pressure than Rover’s Garden Safari, or do you miss interacting with friends to obtain rewards? Do you look forward to some of the other promised updates, like dressing up your campers? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: It's A Good Game, Brent
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp successfully preserves the charm and simplicity of the original while tweaking their formula for mobile.
  • Charming like the original
  • Fluid, sensible gameplay
  • Easy to find friends
  • Timers everywhere
  • Premium currency exists
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