Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Rover's Garden Safari Event Guide

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Rover's Garden Safari event guide! (c) Nintendo

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp ’s latest event, Rover’s Garden Safari, is a bit complicated. Not only does it feature the new gardening mechanic quite heavily (check out our Flower Guide and Gardening Guide for basic details on how to garden), it is also the first time we’re seeing Rover, using seasonal flowers and seeds, or catching seasonal butterflies. Here’s how it all works.

Rover’s Garden Safari is available from 1 a.m. EST on 1/11 to 12 a.m. EST on 1/22. The event is in two parts: part one includes the red and blue dahlias (as well as the topaz and diamond butterflies), while part two begins on 1/17 and adds the winter butterfly, the gold winter butterfly and the white dahlias.

“Rover is collecting a rare sort of butterfly--one that has no problem flying around during the cold winter months. You could help attract these butterflies to your garden by growing their favorite flowers… And maybe pick up some rewards from Rover, too!”


During this event, you collect seeds for special plants.

  • Blue dahlia seeds: These can be ordered from Lloid using Leaf Tickets or earned in-game by fulfilling animal requests.

  • Red dahlia seeds: These are more rare. They can be obtained by fulfilling animal requests and as a reward from Rover for sharing your butterflies with friends.


Once you have seeds in hand, sow them to grow your seasonal plants. When the seasonal plants bloom, rare creatures will sometimes be drawn to them.

  • Blue dahlias → diamond butterfly

  • Red dahlias → topaz butterfly

Available from 1/17 at 1 a.m.:

  • Winter butterfly

  • Gold winter butterfly

  • White dahlias

Please note: these plants can only be exchanged for items during the event. After the event is over, any rare creatures and seasonal plants in your inventory convert to bells. Also, any rare creatures in your garden will disappear. The seasonal plants cannot be cross-pollinated.

You can plant any seasonal seeds you have at any time once the event is over, but rare creatures will not appear, you will not be able to order the seeds from Lloid, and you won’t be able to get more seasonal seeds through animal requests.


Use your net to catch rare creatures that gather in your garden. To catch the creatures, select the flower on which the butterfly is resting, then select “Capture,” “Capture All,” or “Ask Lloid.” When you select “Capture All,” select every plant that has a butterfly on it.

There is a chance of failure when catching. To ensure you catch the butterflies, ask Lloid for help -- he never fails. For Lloid to help you, you’ll need to use 10 Leaf Tickets per butterfly.


After catching butterflies, you can share them in your friends’ gardens. Not only does this help your friends, it will get you rare red dahlia seeds as well as friendship powder from Rover.

Requests and Rewards from Rover:

  • Task 1-1: Diamond butterfly x3 → Rover’s stool

  • Task 1-2: Diamond butterfly x10 → Leaf ticket x5

  • Task 1-3: Diamond butterfly x12 → Sporty essence x10

  • Task 1-4: Diamond butterfly x30 → Rover’s hood x1

  • Task 1-5: Diamond butterfly x40 → Rover’s table

  • Task 1-6: Diamond butterfly x60 → Cool essence x15

  • Task 1-7: Diamond butterfly x80 → Rover’s outfit x1

  • Task 2-1: Topaz butterfly x5 → Natural essence x5

  • Task 2-2: Topaz butterfly x10 → Coffee grinder x1

  • Task 2-3: Topaz butterfly x20 → Rustic essence x10

  • Task 2-4: Topaz butterfly x30 → Rover’s kettle x1

  • Task 2-5: Topaz butterfly x40 → Leaf ticket x15

  • Task 2-6: Topaz butterfly x50 → Rover’s rug x1

  • Task 2-7: Topaz butterfly x60 → Rover’s screen x1

Here’s a look at all of Rover’s limited-time furniture:

  • Rover’s stool

  • Rover’s hood

  • Rover’s table

  • Rover’s outfit

  • Coffee grinder

  • Rover’s kettle

  • Rover’s rug

  • Rover’s screen

rover rewards pocket camp garden safari animal crossing
Rover's Garden safari rewards. Photo: (c) Nintendo

Finally, exchange rewards can be obtained by talking to Lloid. If you’re in need of special materials in order to fully upgrade your amenities, or you’d like tons of flower food to take advantage of this event, you’ll want to be exchanging regularly with Lloid.

  • Blue dahlias x20 → Potted blue dahlias x1

  • Blue dahlias x25 → Wood x10 (5 times)

  • Blue dahlias x25 → Cotton x10 (5 times)

  • Blue dahlias x25 → Preserves x10 (5 times)

  • Blue dahlias x25 → Paper x10 (5 times)

  • Blue dahlias x25 → Flower food x10 (10 times)

  • Red dahlias x20 → Potted red dahlias x1

  • Red dahlias x10 → Sporty essence x3 (2 times)

  • Red dahlias x10 → Natural essence x3 (2 times)

  • Red dahlias x10 → Cute essence x3 (2 times)

  • Red dahlias x10 → Cool essence x3 (2 times)

  • Red dahlias x10 → Rustic essence x3 (2 times)

  • Red dahlias x10 → Flower food x20 (10 times)

There's also a new paint job available for 150 Leaf Tickets over at OK Motors, and that paint job will not disappear after the event ends:

rover's garden safari paint job leaf tickets animal crossing pocket camp
Rover's paint job! Photo: (c) Nintendo

What do you think of Rover’s Garden Safari Event? Are you a big gardener or does this event leave you cold? What do you think of seeing your old pal Rover? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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