Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update Teases Dressing Your Campers & More

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update Preview
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. (C) NINTENDO

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has teased some new features coming soon, and they’re a combination of “I didn’t know I wanted this until they told me I could have it,” and “yes, finally, please, thank you based Nintendo.” The new features include the following:

  • Customize your campsite

The update will allow you to choose what the background looks like in certain areas of your campsite. If you’d rather not stick with pine trees, you can enjoy a field of roses or even some bamboo. I especially enjoy this feature because it’s not something easily translatable to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which makes it a mechanic unique to Pocket Camp. This lessens the amount of “this isn’t my pure and wholesome New Leaf experience” whining I have to sit through on Twitter.

  • Add a second rug

Are you annoyed only one rug is allowed at your campsite? This seems like a minor issue, but when a game focuses on aesthetics like Animal Crossing does, it really isn’t. The new update promises, “soon you’ll be able to place more than one at your campsite.” Does that mean… more than two? More than three? How deep will this rabbit hole go?!

  • Dress up your animal friends

Oh my God, I never knew I wanted something so much until I had it right before my eyes. My mind didn’t even conceive of the possibility that I could mangle my animal buddies’ carefully-curated styles with my own disastrous fashion sense.

Mind you, “not all clothing will be compatible with all animals.” If this means I can’t put my bird boys in elegant dresses, I may riot. But I think I can accept no pants on the little bastards. As the Rugrats would say, “nakie is free!” No one is more free than K.K. Slider, I guess.

Time to think what will my camper uniform be… We may not be able to craft clothes yet, but I’ll purchase as many copies of that camo shirt from the Able Sisters as I have to.

  • Even more updates

Apparently, we’ll be able to ask multiple players for help with Shovelstrike Quarry at once, so I can stop bugging all my Japanese friends individually and annoy them en masse. (I’m kidding; the notification for the quarry is actually so inconspicuous it surprises me. You don’t get a push notification for it and the only way to see it is to look for it in your friends list. I look forward to not tapping all the names at the top of my friends list 15 times in my ravenous thirst for Cool Essence, though.)

Market Box will also be “easier to use,” which baffles me as the only way Market Box could be easier to use is if Siri put stuff in the Market Box for you automatically. Your garden will also be “easier to manage all at once,” which is a welcome treat and hopefully a sign of future optional garden expansions (we need a place to spend Leaf Tickets, y’all).

Finally, the team promises they are adding new bugs and fish. THEY’RE ADDING NEW BUGS AND FISH! I have never been this excited about bugs and fish in my life.

I’d love if they added new requests, too. Please, let Sprinkles pay me 15,000 Bells for a Rainbow Trout. What is the point of the damn things? Can I get a Gallery feature, too, so people can stop wasting my time with fake Market Boxes? And more furniture? And more animal friends? And more clothes? And a bigger camper? And maybe an actual rustic cabin in the woods for me to decorate? And, and, and…

There’s no release date for the coming Animal Crossing Pocket Camp update except that the new features are “coming soon.” Since these are just some of the new features, I hope they keep a few more under their hat to delight and dazzle us all. I look forward to seeing what new gameplay mechanics, events and goodies we’ll get in Pocket Camp this year.

What are you looking forward to in the next Animal Crossing Pocket Camp update? Let us know in the comments section below.


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