Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.36.4: Bug Fixes, New Content, And More

Ancient Warfare 3
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Ancient Warfare 3 recently got an update that fixed bugs and added some new content.

An issue where the player would glitch below foundations/terrain due to collision bugs with barrels and fences has been resolved in this update. Additionally, the developers have added in the Panzer IV WW2 tank and 10 variants for custom units.

Ancient Warfare 3 Update 0.36.4

Scripting features
  • Node to get the name of a custom unit
  • Ignore node to ignore possible targets for a unit
  • Node to change the unit behavior (default, guard, wander)
  • Nodes to remove any player weapon, support equipment, and shield
  • Input node for instrumental notes
    • Available instruments: Piano, Drums, Organ, 4 Guitars, Flute, Glockenspiel, Harp, Marimba, Trumpet, Vibraphone, Violin
    • Available notes/octaves depend on the instrument
  • Input node to write instrumental notes as songs and nodes to play the song in 3d world space or 2d
  • Input node for custom .ogg Vorbis sound files
    • WARNING! If you use copyrighted songs in workshop items, you will risk getting banned from AW3's workshop/steam group and the copyright holders could take further actions against you.
    • Only use audio you are allowed to redistribute and give credit to the author if required
  • Various nodes to play and control sounds
    • Play, Play2D
    • Get sound duration
    • Get pitch/range/volume
    • Set pitch/range/volume
    • Pause, restart, resume, stop
    • Set loop
    • Get/Set playback time
    • Set position
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash caused by endless event loops in scripts
  • Fixed wrong input type on EquipmentId to int node
  • Fixed wrong output name on array length node
  • Fixed OnConsume/OnPickupObject/OnPickupEquipment events
  • Fixed default object id input node value
  • Fixed that objects with variants could not be spawned from scripts
  • Fixed that some exoskeleton parts could not be picked up
  • Fixed mesh of ushanka hat
  • Fixed flak cannons
  • Fixed some minor problems related to unit targeting
  • Fixed that starting money wasn’t given to the player when spawning in conquest/koth
  • Fixed vehicle crosshairs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented weapon switching when trying to reload the single-shot flamethrower
  • Fixed a bug that could cause grenades to get stuck in the player's hands when reloading a shotgun
  • SetHealth node will now correctly set the max health of the unit
  • Fixed that tank gunners didn’t continue to find targets after the first one
  • Fixed that the RemoveBullets node didn’t update the UI
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the IsZombie node to not detect zombie dogs
  • Fixed a bug that allowed respawning at a helicopter

You can read more about the update here.

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