America's Army: Proving Grounds Final Patch Readies the Game for Server Shutdown

America's Army Proving Grounds
America's Army Proving Grounds US Army

America's Army: Proving Grounds, the multiplayer game developed by the US Army, is coming to an end. The game’s servers will shut down on May 5, 2022. However, the game won’t become completely unplayable though. You will still be able to play the title via Private Servers.

The developer has released the final patch for the game today. Patch 3.22.22 readies the game for server shutdown and adds new content, QoL features, and bug fixes. The patch is a must-download for players who want to preserve most of their stats.

All previously locked My Soldier content is now unlocked. The team size cap has been raised to 34 from the previous 12 for FLO maps.


Private Servers
  • VOIP only allows 32 players, we recommend disabling VOIP and using your preferred external solution
  • Set the server's VOIP port to zero to disable VOIP
  • Set the MOTD in AAGame.ini with: sDefaultServerMOTD
  • Set the team size with: MaxTeamSizeFLO=64
  • Adjust the number of roles with: DefaultRoleCountMultiplier
  • Available roles are controlled inside of map settings. This value multiplies the numbers set in the map.
  • Increased allowed rifleman roles
  • Spawning system updates
  • Only the top 12 players will display on the scoreboard for each team
Beta Team curated UMM Pack with 50 maps
  • Available to add to private server map rotation under AAGameContentMapsUMMs
  • Available to tour offline in the User Made Training menu
  • *The 50 Beta Team curated UMM maps are expected to have some minor cosmetic bugs that shouldn't affect gameplay. If you find any major game-breaking bugs please report them
Steam Stats
  • Log in before May 5th, 2022, to preserve your Player Stats
  • Most Player Stats will be synced to Steam Stats (specific details coming soon)
  • Most achievements will continue to function (specific details coming soon)
  • Hovering mouse over a name on the scoreboard will now display a Steam profile link. This allows identification of users with unsupported characters in their name
  • Sliding no longer interrupts a reload
  • Resolved an "out of memory" crash in the MySoldier menu
  • Map vote now transitions to vote to FLO maps when enough players join
  • InnerHospital walls that were not blocking bullets properly are fixed
  • Removed distortion from glass railings on Uptown, as it was inconsistent with graphic settings
  • Hydra fountain collision updated to allow leaning
  • The AA Launcher only uses a Steam login
  • Other minor AA Launcher updates
  • Selecting Steam tags when uploading a UMM will now work properly
  • Updated the minimap system so UMM makers can set their minimap
  • Server MOTD, sDefaultServerMOTD, will display for 15 seconds (delimit up to three lines with "n")

The complete patch notes can be read on Steam.

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