American Truck Simulator: Upcoming Update to Introduce World Ambient Sounds

Listen to the sound.
Listen to the sound. SCS Software

A new update is coming to America Truck Simulator that's sure to change the gameplay experience. Update 1.47 will introduce new environmental and ambient sounds, which after all, are important since this is a game where you travel around the US.

You can watch the video below to get an idea on what the development team is working on:

How did this come to be? Last year, a small team at SCS Software traveled to the US. Most of the time, they were visiting expos and researching areas. However, members of the sound team recorded new environmental and ambient sounds for the game.

New Sound System

The thing is this upcoming change isn't only for nature scenes but also for cities. Sounds include distant highway traffic and nearby police sirens, giving new life in many areas in the game. These sounds vary in location and intensity and can also change whether the player is parked or traveling at high or low speed. Of course, there will be differences between sounds heard during the day and the night.

The new sound system also allows players to always hear various sounds as they move their way through the environment. For the upcoming update, players can look forward to hundreds of these sound spots being included, which means the variety of sounds will be quite noticeable.

Direction Filter

In addition to introducing new sounds, the upcoming update also added a direction filter for trucks. Where applicable, a sound engine equalization has been included in the sound system. This works according to the current camera view.

For example, if the player is using a camera behind the truck, then they’ll hear a change in the sound based on that view. This effect is most audible when that player watches the truck drive past while the camera is stationary.

The dev team revealed in a post that they’re excited to see all these changes and reminded players that the upcoming update is the first implementation when it comes to sounds.

American Truck Simulator was developed by SCS Software and made available solely on PC. The game was released with states of California and Nevada included. Arizona was the third state added as a free update. More states have been added to the game as paid DLCs.

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