American Truck Simulator: Check Out the Rework on Sacramento

Enjoy the sights.
Enjoy the sights. SCS Software

The California Rework project for American Truck Simulator looks to be proceeding smoothly. The development team had given us a glimpse of what they've been doing these past months. This time, we get to see what changes are coming to Sacramento.

As a background, Sacramento has technically been California’s capital since 1854. There’s no question that the area has a lot of historical importance. It goes without saying that this long history goes hand in hand with the local industry’s progress and development.

The development team revealed in a post that to offer a better representation of Sacramento’s rich economy in the game, the goal is not only to expand the region but also to add a large logistical park and place it in the southeastern part of the city.

When looking at the perspective of overall infrastructure, the team revealed that the city’s original layout in the game didn’t really work to represent its real-life counterpart. Because of this, there were several corrections made to the junctions and road layout. The team shared that there should now be similarities with the real world.

Meanwhile, the updated scale of the city is set to cover almost four times the size of the original. That means players can expect several new landmark buildings added. There’s even a famous truck stop added.

Finally, the reworked downtown also gets a great improvement. For players, the experience of entering the city from this side is enhanced further with new assets, some of which have been specifically designed for this area.

Open Beta

Those ready to try out the upcoming California Rework project can simply head over to Steam and join the 1.44 Open Beta. Aside from the California Rework: Phase 2, the Open Beta is also introducing the Mod Refund feature.

When a player has downloaded a third-party modification and used it on their truck, it's now possible to remove it. What the new feature does is read and recognize the data from the modification, even if it has been removed, and refunds the player the difference with the in-game currency. Hopefully, this removes the problem of players losing money after using a modification.

Read more about the Open Beta here.

American Truck Simulator was developed by SCS Software and made available solely on PC. The game was released with the states of California and Nevada included. Arizona was the third state added as a free update. More states have been added to the game as paid DLCs.

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