Amazon Prime Day 2020: Want To Be A Vlogger? Here’s Some Terrific Deals To Get Your Started!

Want to be a vlogger?
Want to be a vlogger? Amazon

There was a time when blogging was all about writing. With the different advancements in technology, it’s evolved to what is now commonly known as vlogging. Vlogging is when someone creates vlogs, which are short for video blogs.

If you’re interested in trying out this new form of entertainment, you’re in luck. With Amazon Prime Day 2020, you can get the best deals to help you get started on what could be a new career.


Obviously, if you want to be a vlogger, you’re going to need a camera. While there are a lot available out there, we recommend the Seree 2.7K Full HD Digital Camera. It may not be good for professional photographers, but it’s certainly a good pick for first-time users. Both compact and lightweight, this makes the Seree easy to carry.

An excellent gift for the beginner vlogger.
An excellent gift for the beginner vlogger. Seree

Features include being able to support full 2.7K FHD@30pfs video resolution and 30MP resolution. It has a 3.0-inch LCD screen that can be rotated 180 degrees to allow you to see what it is you are recording. The face and smile detection makes it easy to use along with the anti-shake function.


There’s going to be times when you’re shooting a video and you need to be a bit further away from the camera. This is where a tripod comes in. The Aluminum Tripod from Tacklife measures 55 inches, which is five inches longer than many other tripods on the market.

Compact and lightweight.
Compact and lightweight. Tacklife

The three-way head allows for easy operation while the three-section lever-lock legs give it that needed stability. Like the camera, this one is perfect for beginners. In addition to being lightweight, you can fold it up into a compact package and carry it anywhere with you.

Smart Phone

If you’re not confident about using a camera, then you could also start with a smart phone. You’re probably thinking of a high-end version like an iPhone, and that’s a perfectly good option. However, we suggest you go for the UMIDIG A7 Pro. For one, the cost isn’t that high so it won’t be problem for a beginner vlogger. We say this because there’s a high chance that you’re going to experience some missteps, and having an expensive smart phone is going to be really “painful.”

Value king!
Value king! UMIDIGI

The 16MP ultra wide-angle lens offers amazing details which should be good for the newbie vlogger. It also has a Super Night Mode, which is clearly a benefit. The phone's storage space is 128GB, which should be good enough for some videos, and the battery life can last for two days.


While a camera has a tripod, for the smart phone you need the FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. Already super light, it’s designed to be foldable, making it truly portable. It can fit in your bag or even pocket. The battery life can last as long as eight hours, just enough to come up with that daily video.

Everyone can be a vlogger.
Everyone can be a vlogger. FeiyuTech

The three-locks design ensures that the gimbal is protected from breaking or crashing. This should give you some piece of mind when taking videos. Its double click function button lets you flip orientation easily.


Recording videos on a camera or smart phone is relatively easy. One problem you’re going to need to solve is recording what it is you are talking about. The Nasum Wireless Lapel Microphone is an excellent choice. You can record your own thoughts, or even use it to interview a person on your vlog.

Good for video blogs.
Good for video blogs. Nasum

This mics operation range can go as far as 100 feet. Its exclusive patented high-speed sound transmission ensures that sound is clearer, there is low distortion, and little to no feedback.

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