Amazon Prime Day 2020: Three Headphone Deals For The College Student

Here's some interesting choices for you.
Here's some interesting choices for you. Amazon

With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of colleges around the country are going in an online learning route. There are those who are prepared for this and some that are still finding their way around this “new normal.” For those who belong to the latter group, now is the time to get some goodies.

One item that’s important in this new learning environment are headphones or earphones. Having the right equipment ensures that learning is more effective. Today we look at three deals from Amazon that are good for any college student out there.


If you want the best, then why not go for the best? The JBL unit comes with the signature sound the brand is known for. With its active noise-cancelling technology, you’ll be sure to be able to listen to lessons closely as the headset blocks out ambient sound. The build is cool and lightweight and is combined with a comfortable design. Did we mention that this one is wireless?

Big and effecient.
Big and effecient. Amazon

The battery is flat and allows for 30 hours of lessons or music. Just in case the power does run out, you can simply plug in the audio cable and continue listening. The recharging time is only two hours. In fact, a 15-minute charge gives you an extra two hours of use.


If you find headphones a bit bulky then this offering from Panasonic should be a good fit. These earbuds are not wireless, though the cord is 3.6 feet long, which offers needed comfort and flexibility. The earbuds are able to immediately conform to your ears and with three additional ultra-soft earpads included (small, medium, large), they are sure to fit every ear.

Smaller but just as effective.
Smaller but just as effective. Amazon

The tonally balanced audio comes complete with crisp highs along with deep low notes. Then there’s the wider frequency response and live sound quality. With 15 color and finish options, you’re sure to be able to express your individuality.


Don’t like large headphones, but also don’t like cords? Check out these earbuds from Sony. They are small, wireless, and have noise cancelling technology. With this, any college student should be able to listen to any lesson, even when lying down.

Small and wireless.
Small and wireless. Amazon

The battery life on these Sony earbuds lasts as long as nine hours on a single charge, and with the charging case being able to offer a full charge, that means 18 hours of battery life before you need to plug anything back in. If ever you find out that you’re low on power, just do a quick charge as 10 minutes of charging gives roughly one hour of battery life.

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