Amazon Prime Day 2020: Five Movie Collection Deals To Save Big

Some collections you can enjoy.
Some collections you can enjoy. Amazon

Being cooped up for days on end inside the house can be stressful for everyone, from kids all the way to grandparents. With what is available today, there are a lot of activities to do indoors, even if one is unable to go out. One of these is watching films online. While there is satisfaction in binge watching on Netlfix or other streaming services, they don’t have all the movies you may want to watch.

The good news is that there are some excellent collections available in Amazon. Even better news, it’s Prime Day 2020, so there’s some good offers. We look at some cool collections below.

Universal Classic Monsters Collection

Universal Pictures has long been considered the home of monsters. The studio has featured a number of iconic monsters that include The Invisible Man, The Mummy, Frankenstein, and of course, Dracula.

Prepare for some classic terror.
Prepare for some classic terror. Amazon

You know what makes this collection even greater? It has 30 classic monster movies, and all of them available on Blu-ray. The Universal collection includes movies from 1931 all the way to 1956. It even has the 1931 Spanish version of Dracula. The collection also comes with a lot bonus features like, among others, a 48-page collectible book and commentaries from experts.

Universal Horror: Classic Movie Archive

If 30 monster movies appears to be too much, then give this one a shot. It only has five films, but that doesn’t mean the terror isn’t there. Get to learn more about The Black Cat. What about Man Made Monster, which looks into a mad scientist that transformed a carnival performer into one murderous monster? There are three more films that are sure to send chills down your spine.

Just a few horror.
Just a few horror. Amazon

Madagascar: The Ultimate Collection

If you think horror films may not be apt for children, not to worry as there are a lot of collections available for kids of all ages. This one, for example, doesn’t only have the three Madagascar films, but also the one about the goofy squad of penguins. With four films, you’re sure to give kids those laughs.

Prepare to move it.
Prepare to move it. Amazon

It’s not all films as the collection also includes three shorts and 10 TV episodes from The Penguins of Madagascar and All Hail King Julien.

Shrek 4-Movie Collection

Still on the collections for kids, take the time to get this one as well. Relive all of Shrek’s best moments from being everyone’s hated Ogre to the daddy everybody loves. With a fifth movie for Shrek currently in discussions, this is a good way to keep up to date on what’s been happening in Far Far Away.

It's no fairy tale.
It's no fairy tale. Amazon

Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection

What better way to add something to your collection that with the Master of Suspense himself? Alfred Hitchcock has been recognized for directing some of the most groundbreaking and unforgettable films. Get to watch five of his more iconic films in one package, including Birds, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Rear Window, and Psycho.

The suspense master is here.
The suspense master is here. Amazon

What are you waiting for? Bring out the popcorn!

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