Aliens: Fireteam Elite Pathogen Expansion Now Available

Pathogen Expansion
Pathogen Expansion Cold Iron Studios

Aliens: Fireteam Elite just got a lot better, thanks to the newly released Pathogen expansion. It brings a new campaign, new enemies, and the game's first boss, among many others.

What’s in It?

The Pathogen expansion features a three-mission story campaign that follows the events of the Regicide mission. Esther detects unusual Xenomorph activity on the Pala Station, with large groups traveling south to a big canyon complex.

Here, players will face the first boss of Aliens: Fireteam Elite called the Pathogen Queen. But before that happens, players must fight their way through and face new enemies.

Three new enemies are added that will give players a challenging time. The first is the Pathogen Runner, a mutated version of the Xenomorph Runner. While more durable and bigger than its original counterpart, it is somewhat slower, thus giving players time to eliminate it before it gets near.

New Enemy: Pathogen Runner
New Enemy: Pathogen Runner Steam

The second enemy is called Pathogen Blight. This monster is reminiscent of the Stalker and will attempt to stay hidden most of the time. However, players must be cautious as it will shoot explosive globs of corrosive white acid from afar.

New Enemy: Pathogen Blight
New Enemy: Pathogen Blight Steam

The third enemy is quite difficult to defeat. The Pathogen Brute is true to its name, characterized by its two huge fist-like growths at the end of its arms. These massive arms can create shockwaves that damage any unlucky victims nearby.

New Enemy: Pathogen Brute
New Enemy: Pathogen Brute Steam

After pushing through the end of the map, players will face the Pathogen Queen. A towering infected Xenomorph, she can beat players to a pulp using her giant clobbering arms. She can also shoot deadly acid at those who think they can escape her wrath.

New Weapons

New Weapons
New Weapons Steam

Because of the new deadly threats, it is only fitting that players receive new armaments to deal with them. Eight new weapons are added to Aliens: Fireteam Elite, four of which can be purchased immediately from Park’s Armory.

The 2N1 Vajra is a grenade launcher that can unload small-area impact grenades with ease. If the job calls for a clean-up, this baby can handle anything without a problem.

Fans of auto rifles may find the 4C2 Astra appealing. This is Alphatech’s first and most successful monopole assault rifle that can unleash repeated three-round bursts with very tight grouping.

The 6A Jaipur is a unique submachine gun, to say the least. Its custom sabot round is designed to splinter into four pieces after leaving the barrel, which is typical behavior for most shotgun shells. Players looking for a strange yet effective weapon may want to use this one.

The 8A7 Dambulla is a machine pistol that works similarly to traditional SMGs. Although it has a lower fire rate and smaller magazine than the average machine pistol, it does have heavy impact rounds capable of dispatching any threat.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Pathogen is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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