Aliens Fireteam Elite: Patch Introduces Quick Play, Improves Ultrawide Support

Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Cold Iron Studios

Cold Iron Studios has released a new minor update for Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Patch introduced the new Quick Play mode that allows you and your buddies to queue up for any missions in the campaign. This new mode is only available once you’ve finished the entire game.

In the last update, the Doc class has its Trauma Station ability improved in so many ways. This time, there is a bug fix that prevents an unintended notification to pop up, telling you that the Trauma Station is recharged even when you’ve already canceled the ability.

Those who are playing the game using ultra-wide monitors will be stoked to find that the developers made improvements to the ultra-wide support. Now, everything should fit nicely on the screen without things stretching out of proportion.

Anyway, there was a problem back then where characters with large save files cannot be properly loaded into a mission. You may have encountered this at some point, which may have caused frustration, but the good news is that this has been resolved in this patch.

You may have also noticed that you were unable to use Aid Kits when you are in firing range of a damaged turret. This is a huge problem if you do not have a Doc in your team and this is not an intended design. Once you’ve applied the update, you can now use Aid Kits whenever you need to.

Full Patch Notes

  • Quick Play has been added to the game! Players can now queue up for any Campaign mission that matches their Difficulty and Challenge Card preferences. This option becomes available once you complete the full campaign
  • Animations have been improved for the “Salute” and “Come Here” emotes while having a pistol equipped
  • Consumable Turrets should now correctly display their elemental effects
  • Enemies should now be appropriately tracked for the Tactical Opportunities “Elimination: Elite Synthetics” and “Elimination: Pathogen Stalkers”
  • Doc players should no longer see an unintended UI notification indicating they had recharged energy for their “Trauma Station” Ability when canceling this Ability
  • Made improvements to ultra-widescreen support
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent characters with large save file sizes from properly being loaded into a mission
  • Players should no longer be prevented from using an Aid Kit while in range of a damaged turret
  • Optimized aspects of the “Anonymize Player Names” setting’s interface
  • Corrected the interactable range of an objective in mission “Priority One: Extract”. Players should no longer be able to interact through the floor
  • Fixed locations where AI companions could get stuck in the world geometry during mission “Priority One: Extract”
  • Players should no longer be able to switch their Kit Loadout in unintended situations

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Patch is currently only available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. PlayStation users will have to wait a bit longer to get the update.

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