Age of Empires IV: Players Now Allowed to Choose Team Game Map Size in Patch 14681

Patch 14681
Patch 14681 Relic Entertainment

Do you play Age of Empires IV? If so, you’re probably wondering why most maps are way too big for multiplayer matches, resulting in games that take too long to finish. The developers are aware of this, so they launched a new update to address it.

In Patch 14681, you’re now allowed to choose the map size in multiplayer, just like in the original Age of Empires. Furthermore, team game map sizes have been reduced across the board. For example, 2v2 games in Quick Match are now played on small maps, and 4v4 matches are set on large maps by default. Those who like to play on gigantic maps can still do so in custom games.

Certain map adjustments have been implemented as well. In Altai, the dev team added numerous small dense woods to help alleviate the wood starvation problem normally felt in the late game. In the Danube River, trade posts now spawn in opposing corners of the hill to ensure that both teams have equal access to trade independent of water control.

Patch Notes

  • Mountain Pass
    • Trade Posts on Mountain Pass have been moved to spawn halfway between the corner of the map and wherever the mountain range hits the map edge
  • Boulder Bay
    • Boulder Bay has had tuning done to player spawning to ensure that the maps loaded correctly, and placed players and their teams in the correct areas
  • The Danube River
    • Sacred Sites have been moved slightly – one is now near the edge of the map on the island, where the old island trade post spawned, and one is in the center of the hill, with a new path leading down to the bridge
    • Two boar have been added to the center of the island to maintain its’ economic importance
  • Addressed potential memory leak when browsing through and opening mods
  • When hosting a match, you can select between local or published variants of a tuning pack or game mode mod. Previously selecting the published variant would instantly change the selection to the local variant
  • Fixed an issue where the Abbasid could use Faith ability to single target convert an enemy King and would break Royal Rumble Mod
  • Fixed an issue where players could Delete their kings in the Royal Rumble Mod
  • Stone walls under construction can now be attacked by all units
  • Chinese Extra Materials no longer stacks on single-wall segments
  • Added an aura UI that shows the ability range of Chinese Towers and Outposts after researching Extra Materials

Age of Empires IV Patch 14681 is available on PC.

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