Age of Empires IV: Patch 9369 Implements Balancing Changes to Springalds

Age of Empires IV Patch 9369
Age of Empires IV Patch 9369 Relic Entertainment

In the latest patch for Age of Empires IV, it looks like the Springalds are brought down a peg due to new nerfs. This reduction in power is based on feedback that they were just way too effective against most units.

Some of the nerfs include a reduction in base damage and movement speed. While its general effectiveness has taken a hit, this update does boost its bonus damage against Siege Engines by a whopping 70 points, so it is still quite potent against such enemies.

Patch 9369 Highlights

  • Cost increased from 200 Gold/200 Wood to 250 Gold/250 Wood
  • Bonus damage vs. Siege engines increased from 20 to 90
  • Base damage reduced from 60 to 30
  • Move speed decreased from 4 to 3.75
  • Fixes for various exploits that saw deleted buildings return too many additional resources. This fix applies to several combinations of buildings and technologies you’ve reported, including:
    • Deleting a building with the Court Architects tech no longer returns additional resources
    • Combining the French Keep Influence and unit generation will no longer result in a refund of additional resources. Similar fixes have been put into place for the Chinese and Rus civilizations
    • Deleting or having Rus Hunting Cabin buildings destroyed will no longer result in increased Gold generation
    • Deleting an intersection of Stone Wall no longer returns additional stone
  • Abbasid Dynasty technologies can no longer be researched at multiple buildings to apply a stacking effect. These previously impacted technologies within the House of Wisdom, including Phalanx, Composite Bow, and Camel Speed
  • Fix for an exploit with the Chinese Traders and Neutral & Allied Markets
  • Minor stability fixes for crashes encountered on specific DirectX versions

Known Issues

The folks at Relic Entertainment are hard at work in providing bug fixes and improvements to the game. However, there are still some notable issues that haven’t been addressed yet.

For instance, Spearmen for the Holy Roman Empire and Delhi Sultanate do not brace against attacks using their Spearwall ability even when standing ground.

In addition, the Khaganate Palace Landmark for the Mongol Civilization cannot be packed up in both skirmish and multiplayer. Hopefully, these problems will be resolved soon.

Age of Empires IV Patch 9369 is now available on PC.

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