Against the Storm: Investigate New Merchant Shipwreck and Discover its Secrets in Latest Update

Merchant Shipwreck Update Twitter/@AtS_CityBuilder

Against the Storm developer Eremite Games is hard at work in delivering fresh content for players, especially since the game has grown in popularity after being featured on Steam's front page. Thus, the company launched a new update that will have players investigate a shipwreck.

The aptly named Merchant Shipwreck update for Against the Storm introduces a new Glade Event where players head to the middle of the forest to find a destroyed ship. Once interacted with, they have to choose one of two decisions: a working effect tied to trading and a nasty consequence if it is not solved.

This patch added eight new deeds to the game. Deeds in Against the Storm are special challenges ranging from time-limited ones to those that can be accomplished at any time. These deeds need:

  • Frosts: Win a game near the Frosts modifier.
  • Abandoned Settlement: Win a game near the Abandoned Settlement modifier.
  • Untamed Wilds: Win a game near the Untamed Wilds modifier.
  • Land of Greed: Win a game near the Land of Greed modifier.
  • Petrified Necropolis: Win a game near the Petrified Necropolis modifier.
  • Gathering Storm: Win a game near the Gathering Storm modifier.
  • Overgrown Library: Win a game near the Overgrown Library modifier.
  • Ominous Presence: Win a game near the Ominous Presence modifier.

Here are the other notable additions to the game:


  • Added 6 new ghost encounters in the Cursed Royal Woodlands.
    • Ghost of a Lizard Elder
    • Ghost of a Lost Scout
    • Ghost of an Old Merchant
    • Ghost of a Murdered Trader
    • Ghost of a Fox Elder
    • Ghost of a Teadoctor
  • Added 7 new Orders. All of them make use of new objective types introduced into the game - completing trade routes with a given minimum value, and discovering glades in a short time span.
    • Profit Margin
    • Profitable Trade
    • Fair Exchange
    • Export Hub
    • Into the Unknown
    • Hasty Explorer
    • All at Once


  • Added 2 new music tracks to the Cursed Royal Woodlands (during Storm).
  • Added a new officially supported language - Thai.
  • Changed the visual representation, name, and description of the Living Matter. The event (and its clone) is now called Blood Flower. This change was introduced mainly to get rid of the old Living Matter model (which was simply a particle effect) and to ground it a bit more in the game's lore.
  • Improved overall stability and fixed a few instances of CPU crashes that occurred after the last engine update.

Against the Storm Merchant Shipwreck update is available on PC.

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