Against the Storm: Explorer's Choice Update Adds Small Objective Icons to Some Orders

Explorer's Choice Update
Explorer's Choice Update Steam

A bunch of quality-of-life improvements have been made in the latest patch for the roguelite city builder Against the Storm. One of the most significant is the small objective icons for some Orders.

Orders in Against the Storm are quests given by the Queen that, when completed, will reward you with useful resources. The first order will be issued during the initial drizzle season of the year, typically after 90 seconds have elapsed. You’ll be given more orders as the game progresses.

Back then, orders that required you to do something with a resource always had the same icon. This made it difficult to distinguish the different types of requirements unless you painstakingly look at each order.

In the Explorer’s Choice update, new markers are added next to the order objective icon for the following types:

  • Deliver goods
  • Sacrifice goods
  • Sell goods
  • Produce goods
  • Change ingredients
  • Satisfy a need
  • Satisfy a need immediately

These new markers let you know the requirements of each of the order types mentioned above at a glance.

You can find the other notable changes in this patch below:

  • Added a suffix to Hostility modifiers on the World Map and in the Training/Daily Expeditions UI, explaining that Hostility scales based on the difficulty level.
  • Added a progress tracker to the Petrified Necropolis modifier.
  • Changed the name of the Resolve effect applied by the Greater Threat Forest Mystery. It’s now also called “Greater Threat” to avoid confusion.
  • Rebalanced the Shrine glade event in the first tutorial. It now requires fewer resources and has a slightly longer time limit.
  • Temporarily deactivated the Magical Rainwater Order. It will be reactivated after being revamped in a future update.
  • The Temple is now automatically unlocked after finishing the tutorial (instead of being unlocked at level 3).
  • Changed how far the Resolve threshold for generating reputation moves for Harpies after they generated a Reputation Point. Previously, every Reputation Point gained through Resolve moved the threshold by 2 points, and now it is moved up by 3 points.
  • Changed the difficulty scaling for goods required by all events. Overall, the resource scaling is now steeper than before.
  • Decreased the number of rewards given for opening Caches in glades.
  • Most orders and ghost requests asking for a specific solution to a glade event (like sending stuff to the Citadel or salvaging ruins) have been replaced by objectives tied to the new decision tags (Empathy, Corruption, Loyalty).
  • Removed Infused Tools from the game.
  • Increased the production speed of Tools from 112/98/84 seconds to 90/75/60 seconds (T1/T2/T3).
  • Increased the time limit for all glade events by around 30%.

The full changelog can be found here.

Against the Storm Explorer’s Choice update is available on PC.

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