AFK Arena: Update v1.80 Introduces a New Awakened Celestial Hero

Talene - The Resurging Flame
Talene - The Resurging Flame Twitter/@AFK_Arena

AFK Arena received a new update that you can experience on the test server. Update v1.80 introduced the new Awakened Celestial Hero: Talene - The Resurging Flame. You can also expect new additions and optimizations in this patch.

In addition to the new hero, the developers added the Bountiful Trials event for Talene, as well as the Arena of Trials event for Guild Trials.

New Additions

If you want to acquire the latest hero, you need to join in the event “A Flame Reborn.” Completing this would reward you with an item to recruit Talene. You can only get her once you’ve finished Chapter 15.

Anyway, if you have a friend who has played the game for quite some time, then you’ll be happy to know that the devs have implemented a new system called the Solemn Vow.

Simply put, if all of the conditions are met, you can form a Mentor-Apprentice relationship with your friend. You can complete tasks together to gain a lot of rewards. Mentors can unlock the achievement of the same name and can acquire stickers after doing so.

Update Highlights

  • Added the adventure "The Foreboding Disaster" to the Voyage of Wonders feature
  • Added a new feature called the Temple of Time to the Noble Tavern. Players can use Time Emblems in the Temple of Time to summon Awakened heroes and other exciting rewards
    • When a player possesses one Ascended Awakened hero, they can use Stargazing Cards at the Stargazer to summon the corresponding Awakened hero
    • One Time Emblem can be exchanged at the Store daily
    • Added new Celestial Sanctum quests. Players can complete these quests to acquire Time Emblems
    • Time Emblems have been added to Deluxe Monthly Cards. Players shall be able to choose between Diamonds and Time Emblems. Changes shall take effect after the release of this update
    • Time Emblems have been added to Limited Offers, and are also now purchasable from Yuexi bundles
Astar - The Brilliant Flame
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the "Flame Seeds" ability to incorrectly target untargetable enemies
Rosaline - The Kind
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting the "Motivation "ability, which was causing Rosaline to stop following her designated ally when the ally became untargetable to enemies
Treznor - The Aggrieved
  • Fixed an issue wherein Treznor's damage immunity effect was not correctly removed under certain extreme circumstances when he was in a dismounted position, as a result of effects that knocked him into the air

All changes mentioned above are subject to change when this update goes to the live servers.

AFK Arena Update v1.80 is available on Android and iOS.

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