Heroes Of The Storm CraftWars Event Is Here Along With A New Nexus Anomaly

Two heroes are getting reworks.
There's a new event.
There's a new event. Blizzard

Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite Warcraft heroes went head-to-head against your favorite StarCraft heroes? Well, it looks like you’re finally going to get an answer to that with the newest CraftWars Events coming to Heroes of the Storm.

In addition to this new event, we also take a look at the new Nexus Anomaly and some hero reworks today.

New Event

In this latest event, the Dark Nexus has reemerged. This had led to even fiercer fights for Singularities. However, behind the scenes a small group of Heroes are trying to change the conflict. It turns out that the Realm Crafter didn’t only brings Heroes from the different dimensions together in the Nexus, it also fused them.

For instance, does Mei have what it takes to be a Death Knight? What about Gazlowe? Do you think he can excel as a pro SCV pilot?

In CraftWars, it’s important for players to choose a side carefully and be able to prove if they are more than the sum of their parts as mash-ups of their favorite heroes.

New Nexus Anomaly

Each Nexus Anomaly is a unique limited-time Event where players can test out possible permanent gameplay changes to Heroes. This newest one, which is also the fourth, is known as the Gladiator’s Medallion. The focus on this one is putting the power to prevent crowd control in the hands of players along with disabling effects.

Ready to try a new ability?
Ready to try a new ability? Blizzard

That’s right! In this Anomaly, each Hero is going to be equipped with an activated ability that can immediately clear most disabling effects while also giving them a brief Unstoppable buff. The disadvantage, if you can call it that, is that the ability has a five-minute cooldown.

Hero Rework

Two Heroes are getting reworks, which will promote gameplay diversity and team synergy while making sure that their unique identities are preserved.

The first is D.Va and in a post, Blizzard said that in reworking the hero, they have three goals in mind. These were:

  • Making her talent choices more compelling and meaningful
  • Helping her become a traditional “bruiser” and give her more of an edge against solo laners
  • Avoid pigeonholing players into having to choose either a Mech or Pilot Heroic

The second hero is Gazlowe, and Blizzard said in a post that in his case there were two goals. These were:

  • Gameplay
    • The development team saw a chance to make him more effective when it comes to team fights and solo laning.
  • Thematic
    • The development team wanted to play up the Goblin engineering fantasy and made use of this as the pillar for the changes to the hero’s kit.

In addition to the reworks, you can view the rest of the changes that arrived to Heroes of the Storm here.

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