Action RPG Decay Of Logos Gets A Release Date Trailer

It doesn't look or play like Breath of the Wild at all.
Publisher Rising Star Games sets a release date for action RPG Decay of Logos across multiple platforms.
Publisher Rising Star Games sets a release date for action RPG Decay of Logos across multiple platforms. Rising Star Games

Another action RPG is looking to carve a name for itself, as publisher Rising Star Games and developer Amplify Creations have announced Decay of Logos, a title steeped in fantasy and semi-open world action. The game has been given a release date for a multiplatform release across all consoles – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch. Check out the release date trailer below to see just what Decay of Logos is all about.

There has been a debate on how similar Decay of Logos is to Breath of the Wild, and for a time before I’ve seen the trailer, I expected it to be on the same level as Genshin Impact. Having seen it now, I don’t really get why it’s being billed as a Breath of the Wild clone. There’s a very different tone to its art style, and the character and various enemies look different from what you’d expect out of Zelda. You can check gameplay footage of Genshin Impact and find obvious callbacks to the Nintendo title within a few minutes, but Decay of Logos feels more like a cartoony Souls-like that has its battles set in open environments.

In any case, the game’s description paints a better picture. Decay of Logos sees you play as Ada, who along with her mystical elk companion, ventures a once peaceful realm in order to figure out the truth behind the attack on her home from the Crimson Knights. The game will have minimal hand-holding and places a major focus on exploration, with Ada being able to ride the elk to venture deeper in these lands. The combat is also being billed as a high-risk, high-reward system. There's a large variety of weaponry available at your disposal, in addition to environmental puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress and discover more secrets.

Decay of Logos will be released on August 27 for the PlayStation 4, August 29 for the Switch, and August 30 for Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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