Across the Obelisk New Story Pack The Wolf Wars Now Available

Travel back to the past.
Travel back to the past. Paradox Interactive

The first story pack for Across the Obelisk is now available. Titled The Wolf Wars, this one is set a decade before the events of the original game, and introduces a new character, pet, zone, and even hero skins. The Wolf Wars is priced at $9.99.

What is this new story all about? You see, 10 years ago, Queen Amelia had a dream of creating a safe place for all races of the Kingdom within Senenthia. She also wanted to unify everyone under one banner. However, after months of deliberation, the Werewolf Chieftain Gorlo decided to end negotiations and declare that those who enter the forest would be prey to his werewolves.

This resulted in the other races asking help from Queen Amelia. The Queen gathered her army and marched their way into the forest to look for the Werewolf Chieftain. This army was later joined by werewolves who didn’t want to follow Gorio’s command and believed that the former chieftain would bring about destruction and ruin.

To access The Wolf Wars, you must read the diary of Yogger found at his encampment located on the northern path of Act 1. Once you enter the new zone, you should obtain a new party of heroes via preset decks. Word of advice, since it takes place in the past, you won’t be able to earn any experience or new cards for the chosen party of heroes.

Features of The Wolf Wars include:

  • Live the Tale of the Wolf Wars
    • Play through a completely new independent zone that depicts Senenthia from the past.
    • Travel back 10 years and live the tale of the legendary Wolf Wars.
    • Experience events and fight together with the team of heroes that participated in the war.
    • Choose different paths to reach the final goal of the war.
  • New Character and Pet
    • When you complete the Wolf Wars story, you’ll unlock Yogger as a new playable character. You can also unlock the new pet the wolf cub Wolfy.
  • New Hero Skins
    • While playing the story of the Wolf Wars, you get to encounter several heroes in their younger days.
    • Completing their events lets you unlock new skins for them.
    • A total of five new skins and events are included.

Across the Obelisk has players create a party from a wide range of characters, engage in tactical card-based combat, and find a unique path across a world that changes in reaction to their decisions.

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