Across the Obelisk: Halloween Patch Improves Random Combats and Draft System

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Across the Obelisk is an interesting 2D roguelite RPG that emphasizes deck-building. Here, you will create a deck of 15 cards, form a party with any of the 16 unlockable characters, and complete quests where every decision affects how the story unfolds. What’s more, you can play solo or engage in co-op play with up to three friends.

Recently, developer Dreamsite Games launched Update 1.0.3 aka the Halloween Patch. This update improves the draft system in Obelisk Mode/Weekly Challenge, as well as random battles in the game.

Obelisk Mode in Across the Obelisk is a game mode that sets your adventure on random maps with completely random battles. Before your quest begins, you’ll be building a deck using available draft cards.

In the Halloween Patch, the draft system has been improved in that eight packs of cards will appear, containing three cards each. You can choose three card packs out of the eight from the draft. You also have the option to reroll all packs of cards once if you’re not satisfied with their content.

Dreamsite Games cited that this change is meant to avoid the situation where some heroes never got the pack they wanted, resulting in the draft being restarted entirely. The company believes that this system makes the draft more consistent, but not so much so that heroes can easily build the perfect deck.

Random battles in Across the Obelisk have been improved as well. Now, you will no longer face two identical enemies in the same encounter. Furthermore, you can now see the random immunities each champion has on the map in Adventure Mode so that you can better prepare for the fight.

Patch Highlights

  • New Profile system: now you can use and save different in-game profiles that will save your progress and unlocks, so you can play at your own pace with different people or as you want!
  • New feature for items: when a hero equips an item they already have, this item will be automatically corrupted (upgrading it.)
  • New Burn perk: Burn on enemies deals double damage if the enemy has 2 or less curses (including Burn).
  • Reinforce/Insulate/Courage stacking perks: increased the resistances given to 7% (from 5%) and reduced maximum charges to 8 (from 10).
  • Chain Heal: increased heal in all versions.
  • Chain Lightning: increased damage in all versions.
  • Chant of Accuracy (blue version): changed target to "Self."
  • When a save game is corrupted because the game was closed unexpectedly if there's a saved backup, it will be loaded instead.
  • In the perk tree, if you have selected a perk that "does not stack" under a multi-selectable perk, this info will also be available when hovering over the main node.

Across the Obelisk Update 1.0.3 is available on PC.

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