Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits Coming Out October 27 on Nintendo Switch

Time to go fishing.
Time to go fishing. Bandai Namco

If you're excited about Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits, we finally have a release date for Nintendo Switch: it's October 27!

The game is a sequel to Ace Angler: Nintendo Switch Version released in 2019. This latest addition to the series is set in an amusement park with an aquarium theme and five different attractions. While the main game is all about fishing, other fun activities can be enjoyed solo or with friends.

Pre-orders of the game are now open, and players can choose between the Standard Edition and the Rod Controller Bundled Edition. In addition to the main game, the Rod Controller Bundled Edition also comes with:

  • One Rod Controller (one main body + one reel)
  • Rod Controller purchase bonus: “Pirate Outfit Set” (usable in-game)

There's also a bonus for those who pre-order or buy the game early, in the Urashima Taro Set.

New Collaboration

Aside from the release date, it's also been confirmed that the game is having a collaboration with the “Encyclopedia of Unfortunate Creatures” series. It turns out that some of the creatures in the “Encyclopedia of Unfortunate Creatures” have escaped and entered the game. To catch them, players need to learn different facts about their ecology. There's also a special fishing competition that features illustrations from the series.

For example, being able to catch some of the creatures in "Ace Angler +" unlocks fascinating information about these unfortunate creatures.

Prince of Fish

All of the fun fish facts and quizzes featured in the game are thanks to the supervision of Karibu Suzuki, famous in Japan as the Fish Prince. At an early age, Suzuki had a fascination for fish and this led him to develop his own knowledge on the matter by talking to different experts as well as through his own personal experience.

He went to Gakushuin University’s Graduate School to study the psychological impact and healing effects of tropical fish. Suzuki then moved to Kitasato University, where he is currently doing research on the life history of juvenile fish. In addition to his research, he also serves as the headmaster of the “Umi Asobi Juku.” This is a community school dedicated to enjoying the beauty of the sea.

What do you think? Excited about this game?

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