Here are the 32 Teams Invited to the PUBG Global Invitational.S

Lock and load!
Lock and load! PUBG

The stage is set and all 32 teams are more than ready to battle it out at the PUBG Global Invitational.S. This tournament starts February 2, 2021, and lasts for eight weeks until March 28, 2021. The base prize pool is $3.5 million, which includes 30% of the revenue from the Pick'em Challenge.

Before we take a look at who the teams are, you’re probably thinking what the "S" stands for. It actually stands for a lot of things. There’s Survival, which is the core of battle royale. There’s also Series, which symbolizes the new format of the tournament. Don’t forget Supremacy, Showmanship, and Showdown. With the world still under a pandemic, PUBG revealed it also stands for Safety, making sure that everyone stays safe during the competition.

PUBG said in a post that the teams come from different parts of the world. They were chosen based on “their 2020 performance and overall career in PUBG Esports.” The teams are:

  • EU
    • Digital Athletics
    • ENCE
    • FaZe Clan
    • Natus Vincere
    • Team Liquid
    • TSM
  • China
    • Four Angry Men
    • Multi Circle Gaming
    • Petrichor Road
    • Tianba esports
    • Triumphant Song Gaming
  • Southeast Asia
    • Attack All Around
    • Buriram United Esports
    • Daytrade Gaming
    • DivisionX Gaming
    • LG Divine
  • North America
    • Oath
    • Shoot To Kill
    • Soniqs
    • Zenith Esports
  • Republic of Korea
    • Afreeca Freecs
    • DAMWON Gaming
    • Gen.G
    • T1
  • Japan
    • DetonatioN Gaming White
  • Chinese Taipei
    • Global Esports Xsset
    • K7 Esports
  • Latin America
    • FURIA Esports

Tournament Format

What will happen is that on the Opening Weekend, all teams will compete to determine their placement. The Top 16 will start the First Weekly Survival.

For the Weekly Survival, 16 matches will be held during weekdays to select the 16 Chicken Dinner winners. When a team gets a win, they stop their run and are replaced by the 17th team in the Opening Weekend. This process repeats until 16 teams get wins. The teams that win qualify for the Weekly Finals. By the way, teams that win during this stage already earn Prize Money.

The Weekly Finals have 10 matches. Teams that win continue to earn more of the Prize Money at this stage. The team with the most amount of Prize Money at the end of the tournament becomes the Global Champion of the 2020–2021 Season.

So, which team are you rooting for in this tournament?

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