PUBG Says Now Looking into Loading Performance Issues

What issues are being looked into?
What issues are being looked into? PUBG

PUBG revealed its November console dev update. The main issues under review right now are those related to loading performance. The development team also gave news on the backward compatibility. Then, there’s the PlayStation Trophy issue.

Loading Performance

According to the team, there's an increase in the number of reports that players can go inside objects, especially after driving at high speeds. They said that what happens is “when a player moves across a map at speed, the game has to load in more objects, and since there’s only so much that can load at one time, the number of objects that must be loaded can pile-up resulting in a queue.”

The team is now looking into this and admits that some players are likely abusing it. PUBG says not to worry since their “community managers are doing their best to report and punish these players, but we know that a fundamental fix is what’s needed, so we’re looking into this issue as a high-priority.”

Backward Compatibility

When PUBG first announced the backwards-compatibility support for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, many players also wanted better graphics quality and higher frame rate caps.

These weren't gone unnoticed. In fact, developers showed in Update 9.2 that the game now runs 60 FPS on the Xbox Series S. Some difficulties were encountered, but “engineers were able to find a workaround that allows us to make changes unique to a specific device.”

Right now, the dev team are doing some testing.

PlayStation Trophy Issue

This is something many players have faced for some time. It appears that the issue is a result of the Trophy data being incorrectly saved on the Trophy servers.

If working normally, when it happens, the game should cross-check data with the servers. And then, resend the data once the game is sure that the server has the right data. Because it doesn't happen to all, developers “decided to upgrade to a newer version of the PlayStation SDK – which supports a more stable method of storing data.”

Read more about the November dev update here.

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