Zero Hour Patch 9.3.0 Improves Door Physics, Fixes Bugs, and More

Zero Hour
Zero Hour Steam/M7 Productions

Zero Hour, the tactical FPS game developed by M7 Productions, received an important update today. Patch 9.3.0 adds new features to the game, fixes bugs, and updates SFX of several weapons. The lighting and reflection of multiple maps have been changed.

From now on, players won’t need to add Steam Guard to play the multiplayer mode. Melee combat hit registration has been improved and Match Scoreboard will now display Secured match ID. Both Honey Badger and MK12 received updated sound effects.

  • Added Animated Door Inertia [Iteration p1]
  • Added Physics-based door interaction [Iteration p1]
  • Added Bomb explosion scene for Red Wedding Co-Op
  • Added Bomb timer of 6 mins for Red Wedding Co-Op
  • Added Material based door interaction SFX
  • Fixed Recoil recover not canceling when controlling recoil
  • Fixed Weapon shots going offset after the first shot
  • Fixed P10C iron sight aim offset
  • Fixed Being able to place door trap with 1 press
  • Fixed Completing tutorial in Training Ground not setting achievement
  • Fixed AI stuck in the room due to procedural prop placement in Red Wedding Co-Op
  • Fixed Light interaction with reflection not working in a few spots in Red Wedding
  • Fixed Reported Embassy Raid Spawn peek exploitation
  • Fixed GFN quick match not working due to Denuvo not being able to install with restart
  • Fixed Tutorial for picking up dropped weapon displaying outdated information
  • Updated Weapon SFX for Honey Badger
  • Updated Weapon SFX for MK12
  • Updated Match Scoreboard to display Secured match ID
  • Updated Melee combat hit registration system
  • Updated Defender door trap interaction to not prompt when walking
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Residential House"
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Terror House"
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Hotel Trouble"
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Training Ground"
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Embassy Raid"
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Breaking Meth"
  • Improved Lighting & Reflections for "Bank Heist"
  • Removed Steam Guard match-making option

You can read the patch notes via Steam.

Zero Hour is currently released in Early Access, so expect some bugs while playing it. You can purchase the title for only $11.99.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Zero Hour recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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