Zero Hour: Quality of Life Update Improves Training Ground

Zero Hour
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Zero Hour received a quality-of-life update recently that improves the Training Ground. It also implements the Denuvo anti-cheat, which may help thwart cheaters from ruining the fun for everyone.

To entice people to play this tactical first-person shooter, the Training Ground now features tutorials and squad-based training. So, if it is your first time playing Zero Hour, the tutorials can help you with the basics.

To improve coordination and team play, you can actually bring your buddies with you to the Training Ground. You can complete the tutorials together to ensure everybody knows what to do when the real mission commences.

Anti-cheat Implemented

The developers have implemented Denuvo in the latest update. It runs in the background while you play the game, but its protection only works on a Quick Match. Enabling it in custom matches is optional and will not affect Co-op modes and the Training Ground.

While the devs have their own reasons for implementing an anti-cheat system, you might not like it as Denuvo is notorious for impacting performance.

Even though they said that Denuvo did not make the game slower after extensive profiling, your experience may be different.

Fortunately, you can remove Denuvo from your computer at any time, though you may not be able to play Quick Match if you do this.


Hit Registration back then was unusual because your limbs would block the bullets. This results in bullets not penetrating other areas of the body.

To fix this, the devs improved the matching of the player body collider shape to the visuals. Although damage is unaffected, you can expect kill times to be better because of this change.

A new camera shake feature is added to improve the game’s authenticity. Whenever a grenade explodes, for example, the screen would shake to increase the visual effect of using explosives. Plus, the developers made optimizations to some animations. You can now see smoother animation transitions.

The devs are planning to introduce Squad AI in the future. This would allow you to play with AI teammates, which is great if you do not want to play with other people.

Zero Hour’s quality-of-life update is available on PC.

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