Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How To Build An Aromage Deck

The Aromage archetype is very powerful in Duel Links.
The Aromage archetype is very powerful in Duel Links. Konami/Player.One

Every so often, Konami adds an archetype with potential to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and the new Aromage cards can make a fun deck that can be surprisingly competitive in PVP.

The Aromage cards in Duel Links can only be obtained through the Card Trader, so there’s some luck involved in order to grab the amount of each card you need to build a competent deck. But once you do, it’s worth it.

There are a few ways to build an Aromage deck in Duel Links, but the crux of victory is based on recovering life points and making sure your life points are higher than your opponent’s. Aromage’s effects are based on control, but they can also be aggressive if need be. Here are a few examples of an Aromage deck, including our own:


Our deck setup with Aromage uses the Balance ability to ensure a good mix of monsters and trap/spell cards. We added Golden Ladybug for reliable life point recovery. Golden Ladybug is especially useful if you don’t draw into Aroma Garden.

Draining Shield is a great trap to keep your life points much higher than your opponent’s. Three Rose Lovers also makes it easy to special summon both Bergamot and Marina, Princes of Sunflowers. We also add Cosmic Cyclone and Parallel Twister to get rid of the opponent’s backrow and to maintain control of the field.

A third Jasmine is not necessary in this deck, but if you want it, the 1900 defense and drawing ability can justify adding it instead of Golden Ladybug.

Our Aromage deck in Duel Links
Our Aromage deck in Duel Links Konami/Player.One


This deck was submitted by Deion101 over on the Duel Links subreddit and swaps Balance out for LP Boost Alpha, which lets duelists start duels with 1000 more life points. The Aromage cards will get its secondary abilities from the first turn with this ability.

This deck also doesn’t include Golden Ladybug or Marina, instead opting to add a third Jasmine and Rosemary.


This deck is used by Th3Chazz and changes up the Aromage by using Marik’s Shadow Games ability to dwindle your opponent’s life points each turn, insuring your life points are higher than theirs. The deck also uses Marina and a third Bergamot to put the pressure on the opponent while using control cards like Rush Recklessly to protect his monsters.

Using this strategy is way more aggressive than the other Aromage deck types, but it can really work if you play your cards right.

So what do you think of the Aromage archetype in Duel Links ? Let us know your favorite setup in the comments section below.

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