‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Players To Get Free Gems To Celebrate Yugi’s Birthday

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Yugi will return in the next Yu-Gi-Oh! movie Kazuki Takahashi

Players of Konami’s popular mobile game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, are always looking to win and gain gems to open more booster packs and get new cards and an upcoming special event will make it much easier to do so.

On June 4, players of Duel Links can log in to the mobile game and get special treats for a limited time. To celebrate Yugi Muto’s birthday, players will receive Yugi Muto card sleeves, a mat and up to 640 gems.

Check out the Yugi Muto Duel Links birthday card from Konami below.

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The Yugi Muto birthday card for 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Duel Links Photo: Konami

There may be more to the Yugi Muto birthday event in Duel Links , but we won’t know for sure until we get closer to the date.

Currently, duelists can participate in the World Championship 2017 Qualifiers to rise up the ranks and get an invite to London to participate in the Duel Links World Championships.

The gems earned during the Yugi Muto birthday event can help duelists obtain the cards they need to bring their decks to the next level.

Yami Bakura has also returned to Duel Links in the Duel World as a random encounter. Like the return of Yugi Muto and Pegasus before, Yami Bakura returns with brand new cards to win after each duel.

Dark Voltanis and Trance Archfiend are just two of the new cards that can be won when you face off against Yami Bakura. The returning Legendary Duelist will show up in the Duel World from now until June 7, so be sure to log in often and hope to get new cards to drop.

What do you hope to get during the Yugi Muto Duel Links birthday event? Have you had success in the World Championships 2017 qualifiers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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