‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ The Destiny Board Of Doom: How To Defeat Yami Bakura At Level 40 And 50

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Yami Bakura as he appears in the 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' anime TV Tokyo

To unlock Yami Bakura and his cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links you’ll need to defeat Bakura over and over until your cumulative score gets high enough. However, like with the Pegasus event, the best way to raise your score is to defeat Bakura at level 40.

At level 40, Bakura has a lot of different ways to defeat you so beating him won’t be easy but if you know what to look out for you can overcome it.

Here is everything you need to know when you’re dueling Bakura at level 40 and 50 with some tips and tricks to defeat him. Of course, this isn’t perfect and not a 100 percent certainty but knowing is half the battle.

Also, let us know some of your tips to defeating Yami Bakura in Duel Links in the comments section below.


Bakura at every level will try to gather all five letters of the Destiny Board to automatically win. However, at level 40 Bakura will use plenty of stall tactics to make it easier for him to get all five letters.

Remember, Bakura will always go first so one letter will appear when you have your first turn. This gives you four turns to defeat him but there’s an easier way to overcome this then to try and swarm the field and that is to remove Dark Necrofear from the Graveyard.

Cards like the trap Disappear and the spell card Gravedigger Ghoul will remove Dark Necrofear from the Graveyard. We recommend putting two or three Gravedigger Ghoul cards in your deck. With a 20-card deck, you will draw one of these cards during your duel.

But at level 40 there are two other cards that Yami Bakura uses that are deadlier than the Destiny Board.

The first is his Dark Ruler Ha Des, the six-star monster is the strongest attack point monster Bakura has in his deck and it only needs one tribute to summon. Bakura will use cards like Enemy Controller to prevent at least one of his monsters from being destroyed so he can summon the Dark Ruler. And with its effect negation abilities, you’ll have a hard time overcoming its 2450 attack.

Ectoplasmer is the other card Yami Bakura constantly uses and is the most annoying part of his strategy. This continuous spell card will force each duelist to tribute one monster on your field and dealing half of its attack points to the other’s lifepoints. This card will limit your swarming/beat down tactics and if you haven’t removed Dark Necrofear from the Graveyard this will help Bakura and his stall tactics.

So how do you defeat Yami Bakura at level 40? Besides removing Dark Necrofear from the Graveyard you have to do one of two things, get rid of Ectoplasmer or use it to your advantage.

Using cards like Twister and De-Spell can help get rid of Ectoplasmer but know that Bakura has at least two of those cards in his deck so destroying one may not be enough. But to use Ectoplasmer for yourself is tricky.

The best way to use Ectoplasmer against Yami Bakura will be to attack Bakura directly and then use Ectoplasmer to deal even more damage in one turn. Hopefully, Yami Bakura’s lifepoints are low enough that this will take him out, otherwise you may receive the same treatment especially when Bakura tributes Malice Doll of Demise, which lets him special summon it on his next turn giving him an endless cycle of tributes.

Again, this isn’t a 100 percent success rate but if you know what to expect you can counter it.


Yami Bakura sometimes appears in the Duel World at level 50 for no dice cost. However, we’ve only seen him after unlocking Yami Bakura and defeating him at level 40.

Again, even at level 50 Dark Necrofear is a huge threat to complete the Destiny Board so you’ll want to take cards into the duel that will remove it from the Graveyard. However, at level 50 Yami Bakura is a tougher fight because he isn’t about stalling but instead an all-out assault.

He wants to ritual summon Dark Master - Zorc which he can easily send one Dark Necrofear from his hand to summon. He will also special summon Dark Necrofear to overcome you with some powerful monsters.

The only strategy we have is to be just as aggressive so he doesn’t summon those monsters. Pack your deck with spells and traps to take out his big hitters when they hit the field because you’ll have a hard time overpowering them through traditional means.

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