You're Invited to the Mad Banquet in Honkai Impact 3rd

Will you accept the invitation? MIHOYO

Attention Captains! Everyone is invited to the Mad Banquet which starts this April 25 in Honkai Impact 3rd. You'll get the chance to feel the unique charm of the beautiful and proud Lady Thelema and even meet a new S-rank battlesuit. This one arrives to the game courtesy of update v7.4.

Now before we take a closer look at the new in-game content, players should be happy to know that the game is finally going to be available on the Mac beginning April 25. With this the game can now hit a max refresh rate of 120Hz.

Awaken Thelema

In the previous story, we've seen just how Thelema made use of fear to subdue servants, especially those who approached her with ulterior motives. We've also seen her first acquaintance with Songque. That was 100 years ago and now the Dreamseeker, along with a couple companions, are finding it difficult to reconcile with "Lantern", one of the Seven Shus. To once again divide the two bubble universes, they'll need to go to Thelema's Masquerade Corridor and awaken her as the Shu of Pleasure.

A New Battlesuit

The new MECH-type S-rank battlesuit is known as the Thelema Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer. With this she can attack quickly and at the same do a rich combination of moves. When released from her hands, her chained blades create those beautiful arcs while also dealing Ice DMG. Against long ranged enemies, these chains can be connected to the blade handles and able to extend as needed to deliver more powerful attacks.

Thelema can also wield her chained blades and deal damage mid-air. She can even use it to pull distant enemies closer and knock them down. Under the veil of elegance and beauty, she's actually wild and unrestrained.

New Areas

Once the v7.4 update goes live, three new areas are going to open in the Langqiu map. Players then need to take on several challenges to get through. It's not just monsters and battles since there also areas where their wits are going to be put to the test.

The version event for example features an invitation contest that's known as Flying to Oxia. By swapping game pieces, Captains can connect three or more identical game pieces in a row and eliminate them and attack the enemy. They'll be joined by Songque, Helia, and Coralie, with each character having unique skills and attack styles that match different situations.

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by a mysterious energy known as Honkai. Leading humanity in a war of survival are Valkyries, brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genes. Honkai Impact 3rd is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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