New Story Coming to Honkai Impact 3rd May 18

Are you ready for a new story? MIHOYO

New content is coming to Honkai Impact 3rd this May 18. The highlight is a new main story titled "Woven from last Snow" which takes place in Salt Snow Holy City. There's also the new Misteln bringing her battlesuit Dreamweaver to battle. Players can expect a new game mode known as Inscribed Whispers. All of these are courtesy of Update v6.6.

Before we continue, you can watch the trailer below:

Meet the "Hare"

The new character Misteln, the "Hare" revealed in the Part 1 Finale, comes with a battlesuit called the Dreamweaver, a MECH-type physical damage dealer which has two forms during battle. The first form is her physical body where she appears as a stoic commander who's waving a banner and summoning Seeds of Ideas to attack or defend.

When Misteln casts her ultimate, she pulls her enemies into a dreamscape and then projects her astral body to fight them. This astral body is her second form and it looks like a fearless warrior wielding a javelin for close combat and throwing short spears from her back. It's also important to note that this is the first appearance of the javelin weapon type in the series.

Terminal Aide 0017 Joins

Terminal Aide 0017 for PROMETHEUS also joins Captains and is an IMG-type physical support who can attack with her fists while being a partner on the battlefield. She can shield teammates during combat and that can also enhance their attacks. She has the ability to drain power from her enemies as well.

New Game Mode

When the new update goes live, players get the chance to try out the new game mode known as Inscribed Whispers. In this one, the four attributes of light, ice, thunder, and dark can be unlocked and equipped to let them cast different skills one after another. Since attribute introduces different skills and visual effects to the game, mixing and matching them unlock more combat power and make the battle a breeze.

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by mysterious energy known as Honkai. Leading humanity in a war of survival are Valkyries, brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genes. Honkai Impact 3rd is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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