Honkai Impact 3rd Releasing Straying Stars Version Next Week

Ready to support her dreams? MIHOYO

A new update is coming to Honkai Impact 3rd and will launch Straying Stars, introducing the new SP battlesuit Sugary Starburst and Story Chapter XXXVIII. The new contents are arriving on June 29.

Players can look forward to the background story of Shigure Kira slowly being revealed. She's had a lot of adventures from Squad Snowwolf to Salt Snow Holy City where she took on multiple different roles. However, her dream has always been the same and it's to become an idol. While chasing her dreams, she fights using her SP battlesuit Sugary Starburst, which is a MECH-type Ice DMG dealer.

She also moves with agility and grace as she sprays Shiny Sugarcoating all over, either when she enters by QTE or casts her ultimate. In battle, Shigure Kira can use pistols to deal high damage, and provide much-needed combat buffs to allies, whether or not she's in the battlefield. Her basic attack allows her to perform a five-sequence combo with agility. She also activates sniping mode by releasing her ultimate and firing three bullets in a row while hitting enemies with accuracy repeatedly.

New Story

For the main story of Straying Stars, it's titled "Something that's happened once... is no miracle." For those who can remember, when the previous chapter ended, it had the two Seeles finally reunited by some stroke of luck. The reality is that the connection between these two Seeles is actually not a coincidence but a manifestation of the background rules of the bubble universe being different from those of the real world.

This difference is sure to present significant challenges to the protagonists and could possibly even lead them closer to knowing who the true enemy is.

New Event

Straying Stars comes out along with Update v6.7. When that happens, the event "☆Perfect Performance☆" will also go live. We know that Shigure Kira dreams of becoming an idol. Despite the fact that her singing skills still need improvement, she's actually putting on a huge concert. Players can help Shigure Kira complete her Starguide Tour and get Starlight Glow Sticks, which are used to increase stage preparation progress and can grant combat buffs.

Players can also try and recruit six fan club members one by one to cheer Kira on. It's not going to be that easy since each member needs to have their exclusive trial completed before they can be recruited.

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by a mysterious energy known as Honkai. Leading humanity in a war of survival are Valkyries, brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genes. Honkai Impact 3rd is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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