Yakuza 6 Minigames Include Speargun Fishing And Babysitting

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The minigames in Yakuza 6 range from batting cages to babies
The minigames in Yakuza 6 range from batting cages to babies Dualshockers

Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life releases March 20, and a new trailer from Sega highlights some of the minigames players can enjoy once immersed in the world of Kamurocho and Onomichi. While the trailer shows what is likely a small selection of the various minigames available, it does give a good cross-section of how weird the Yakuza games can get.

Here’s a list of the minigames seen in the trailer above:

  • Darts

  • Karaoke

  • Batting cages

  • Classic SEGA arcade games

  • Fighting game

  • Modern arcade games

  • Working out at the gym

  • Talking to club hostesses

  • A full baseball simulator

  • Underwater fishing with a spear gun

  • Taking care of a baby

  • Feeding cats/managing a cat cafe

  • Playing ukulele? Not sure on this one, as there wasn’t any gameplay clip seen

If Yakuza 6 is anything like previous games in the series, there will still be more activities to find throughout the two cities. A few popular games not included in the video are bowling, dancing, billiards and gambling games like Blackjack and Poker.

Looking at the new games, the baseball simulator seems pretty involved, mixing the batting cage game with a management sim where players have to create the best team possible. This is probably a replacement for the Cabaret Club management game from Yakuza 0. Additionally, the fighting minigame in Yakuza 6 might be a replacement for the Catfighting game found in the previous entry to the series.

The babysitting minigame also ties into the main story for Yakuza 6, and can even be seen on the game’s box art. Kiryu takes it upon himself to care for Haruka’s child after she is hit by a car. The full story is available to find online, seeing as how Yakuza 6 has been available in Japan for over a year, so I won’t spoil it here for those that don’t want to know it in advance.

Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life releases for PS4 March 20.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play any of the new minigames seen in the trailer? What old favorites would you like to see make a return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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