New 'Yakuza' Game In Development, Won't Star Kazuma Kiryu

There's a new Yakuza game already in development SEGA

Even though Yakuza 6 hasn’t made it to the West yet, a new Yakuza game is already in development. This news comes from Toshihiro Nagoshi, series general director of Yakuza.

As reported by Gematsu, Nagoshi mentions that the goal for the next game is to make a “new Yakuza.” By that, he means all of the games up to this point have revolved around series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. Yakuza 6 has been advertised as “The final chapter of Kiryu” and the development team wants to keep it that way. This means whatever the new Yakuza will be about, it will be something new to the series.

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Another reason for making another game is because it will help improve the newly created Dragon Engine. The new game engine was made for Yakuza 6, but Nagoshi said it would take another game or two before the engine would be complete. This also lines up with comments that the new Yakuza could be a new series of games.

We may not have to wait long to see this new project either. Nagoshi said development is already underway and there may be upcoming opportunities to talk about it. It should be noted that when the new Yakuza is revealed, it will still be in the early stages of development. This isn’t going to be like Fallout 4, where the game is revealed and released six months later.

If you want even more Yakuza, a remake of the original, called Yakuza Kiwami, will release Aug. 29 in the West. Yakuza 6 is available now in Japan and coming to the West in early 2018, although no firm release date has been confirmed as of yet.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see what’s next for the Yakuza franchise? Will you be sad to say goodbye to Kiryu? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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