XDefiant Season 1 Launching on July 2 and Introduces a New Faction

The fight continues. Ubisoft

It hasn't been long since XDefiant was released. This early we're already seeing plans on the game's Season 1. For starters, it's officially launching July 2 and to introduce a new faction which is the GSK. This faction comes from Rainbow Six Siege and is known to make use of shields and gadgets to oppress the opposing team while also taking control of the battlefield.

Aside from a new faction, players can also look forward to three new maps dropping in Season 1. These are Clubhouse, Daytona, and Rockefeller. There are also three new weapons available. Keep a close watch as well on Ranked Play, which officially comes out in Season 1. By the way, Capture the Flag mode is also available.

The entire content of Season 1 is set to be revealed in full on July 1.

Choose Your Faction

XDefiant has players choose a faction that's s all inspired from other Ubisoft games. Like with other titles, players get to choose that faction that they want to be in. Each faction has a passive buff along with an active ability and even an Ultra ability. What makes the game different from others in the same genre is that players are allowed to switch factions each time they respawn. This means to win players need to be able to adapt quickly to an ever-evolving fight. Learn more about the different factions here.

Play to Your Strengths

The game invites players to fight in different modes. There are two categories when it comes to game modes. There's Arena mode where players can battle across all the areas. Linear modes on the other hand divide players into attacking and defending teams with each one having their own objectives. Read more about that here.

XDefiant is currently in its preseason and is free to play on PC via Ubisoft Connect. It's also available for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. Those who buy the Founder's Pack get to unlock the DedSec faction with all characters and even Game Over legendary skins, to name a few. Ubisoft+ Premium subscribers meanwhile get immediate access to new factions which include the DedSec faction. They also receive bonus cosmetic packs and even a discount on virtual currency.

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