Here's Your Guide to the Different Factions in XDefiant

Which group is for you? Ubisoft

XDefiant officially launched last week and a lot of players are now duking it out in this free-to-play multiplayer arena shooter. The thing is that the game has players choose from the various factions that's inspired by those from other Ubisoft game. Today we'll take a look at those different factions.

At the start of each match, players get to choose the faction that they want to play as. The thing, unlike other games, XDefiant allows players to switch factions each time they respawn. In addition to a passive buff, each faction also offers an active ability and an Ultra ability.

Time to Clean

The Cleaners are part of The Division and is both aggressive and incendiary. This is a good choice for those who engage in combat to reach the objective and hold it. Cleaners have the ability to burn everything whether through an Incendiary Drone or a Firebomb. Its Ultra is known as The Purifier, which is actually a deadly flamethrower. Regardless of the loadout chosen, all Cleaners bring with them Incendiary Ammo which lets them deal extra burn damage when hitting the target. Cleaners are good in Domination of Escort.

A Quiet Approach

Up next is the Echelon of Splinter Cell. This faction is perfect for players who prefer a stealthy strategy. They're good when it comes to moving across the map unseen and won't even appear on the minimaps of enemies.

Their Intel Suit is versatile and a good option no matter the game mode. After all, it can reveal enemies lurking or sneaking to the player. The Digital Ghillie Suit meanwhile is good for HotShot since it renders players almost invisible as they flank the enemy team to take out the HotShot. The faction's Ultra is the Sonar Goggles which can reveal all enemies and let players use the Third Echelon 5.7 pistol.

Defense is Key

The Phantoms are from Ghost Recon and this faction is good when it comes to defending. Their passive trait gives them bonus health while their Abilities let them block damage. The Mag Barrier for example provides cover for any teammate standing behind it and is excellent for Occupy, Domination, or Zone Control. Meanwhile, the Blitz Shield allows players to push forward against a barrage of enemy fire. This is good when it comes to advancing the package in Escort. Their Ultra is called as the Aegis and is spherical plasma shield that allows players to negate damage on the go, while wielding an electro scattergun that deals massive damage in close combat.

Ready to Support

From Far Cry we have the Libertad, a faction that's just perfect for support and should be part of any team no matter what game mode they are playing. Their Espíritu de Libertad passive ability slowly heals both players and nearby teammates automatically. Their El Remedio Ability is a canister which can be deployed and heal any allies within its radius while also giving the team a much-needed extra edge in Occupy, Domination, and Zone Control. BioVida Boost on the other hand is perfect for healing on the go especially in Escort and HotShot. After all, this one gives off a wave of health boost for players and nearby teammates.

The Ultra ability is the Médico Supremo backpack. It allows for a large mobile health boost.

Get to Hacking

Finally, we have the DedSec from Watch Dogs. Unlike the previous factions, this one is locked at the start. To unlock, players need to complete in-game challenges. Their Fabricator ability automatically prints a new device after they deploy one and slowly replenishing grenades to cause more havoc over time. The Hijack ability meanwhile lets players hack into active enemy abilities and make it work for the. For example, they can have the El Remedio ability activity by the enemy to heal their squad instead. The DedSec can also launch a Spiderbot that then sends an arachnid drone which tracks down the nearest enemy and jump on their face, obscuring their vision, temporarily stunning them, and making them an easy target.

Finally, the faction's Ultra is Lockout which disables all enemy Abilities, HUD, and minimaps in the area of effect.

Which faction do you think is best for you?

You can get XDefiant for the PC and next gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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