Here's Your Guide to the Different Game Modes in XDefiant That You Can Play

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The Preseason of XDefiant is now live available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S. What makes this free-to-play arcade shooter different from those in the same genre is that it takes inspiration from the other games from Ubisoft. Last time we talked about the different factions that players can choose from in the game. Today we'll take a look at the game modes available.

The game modes in XDefiant are grouped into two categories. Arena modes are where players fight it out across all areas of the mode. Linear modes meanwhile divide players into attacking and defending teams and have them fight against one another with progressive objective points across the map.

Occupy and Control

Occupy is a mode where teams need to work together and try to control a single zone that's one the map while making sure that the opposing team is shut out. It's not going to be that easy considering that the zone moves every now and then. That means teams have to defend each zone for as long as they can to get as many points as possible.

For teams having trouble breaking through the defense of an enemy to capture a zone, there's no need to worry too much. That because they'll get a notification on were the zone is located next before it moves. That means everyone has the chance to get to that zone early and set up a rather strong position.

It's All About Domination

Domination mode works similar to Occupy mode. However, there are some key differences. The first is that there are now three zones that players need to capture. Second is that these spots stay in the same spot for the entire match.

Here's how it works. Once a team of players secures a zone, they have the option to defend it or take another zone. The number of zones controlled add to the points of their overall score. That means to secure the win, dominating all three zones is a must. However, if a zone is undefended then there's a chance the other team could capture get and get points of their own.

Become the HotShot

HotShot mode has one key objective which is to get the most KOs. Each time a player eliminates someone from the opposing team, they'll drop a bounty which can be picked up. It is only by picking up this bounty that teams get to earn points. If a teammate dies, players can pick up their bounty, but it won't count to their score. However, it means the other team is denied that point.

The player that has the most bounties becomes the HotShot and not only gains bonus speed but also has faster reloading. They also get more points for every bounty that they pick up. scorers. The only catch is that the player who becomes the HotShot is marked on the map for all the enemies to track down.

Escort the Package

In Escort mode, the players are divided between the attacking team and defending team. The attacking team has to move a package forward on a set path that's across the map. To make it move, all they need do is simply stand near the package and allow it to walk. The more team members that stand in the radius of the package, the faster the package moves. There's a total of three checkpoints positioned along the path. Once a checkpoint is reached, it serves as the new respawn point.

For the defending team, to goal is to stop the package in its tracks. The defending team can move the package slowly backwards by standing in its radius and when there are no attackers present.

The attacking team has to do it quick since there's a time limit. If the attackers get to the final checkpoint before time runs out then they win. If the defenders manage to stop them then it's victory for the defenders.

Control the Zone

Zone Control mode also divides players into attackers and defenders. The attacking team has to capture five zones in a progressive order while the defending team needs to shut them out.

The first two zones are available at the same time. However, the two have to be captured so that the third zone is unlocked. The third zone then has to be captured before the fourth and then the fifth zone becomes available. If the attacking team captures all five zones before the time runs out, they win. Otherwise, victory goes to the defending team.

Which mode are you excited to try out?

For those who want to learn more about the Factions, you can read more about it here. XDefiant is available for the PC and next gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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