Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Now Also Offers Funimation Streaming

Funimation Comic Book

Xbox Game Pass is unarguably the best game subscription service available right now. For just $10 a month, subscribers can enjoy access to over 100 games, stream games on their Android devices via xCloud, and claim additional perks. Subscribing to the Ultimate tier of the service unlocks several more perks to subscribers such as discounts on premium multimedia subscriptions like Spotify Premium and Discord Nitro. The list of perks has now been expanded with a two-month free subscription to the popular anime streaming platform, Funimation.

The Funimation Premium Plus perk can be only accessed by new users that create a Funimation account. Existing users of the anime streaming platform cannot use the offer to extend their subscription. Additionally, the deal is only available for a limited time from September 25 to October 24. Funimation also previously partnered with Sony's PS Plus subscription, offering two months of the free Funimation anime-streaming service from May to June.

It's great to see that Microsoft is expanding Xbox Game Pass beyond games. It'll be interesting to see if the platform will include movies, music, and novels in the future as well, which could make the whole package quite robust. Meanwhile, new users can create a Funimation account and jump into binge-watching some of their favorite anime shows.

Recently, Microsoft also acquired Bethesda Games, gaining rights to popular video game franchises like Doom, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. The company has confirmed that all these newly acquired games will be available on Xbox Game Pass in the future, starting with Doom Eternal becoming available for Xbox users on October 1. In an interview with CNET, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella said that the company is considering buying more video game studios in the future. There's no doubt that Microsoft is quickly picking up the pace to become a gaming platform that's capable of capturing a wide audience.

Xbox Game Pass is available on Windows, Xbox, and Android.

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