Doom Eternal Coming To Xbox Game Pass On October 1

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DOOM Eternal Horde Mode
DOOM Eternal Horde Mode AlphaCoders

Having acquired Bethesda Games, Microsoft is interested in bringing all Bethesda games to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. It seems that Microsoft doesn't want to wait to bring these newly acquired games to the service, either.

The Xbox Game Pass official Twitter account confirmed that Game Pass subscribers can begin razing hell in Doom Eternal on October 1. Initially, the game will only be available for Xbox users, but PC users will be able to play later in 2020. It is still unsure as to why Doom Eternal is releasing later on PC, but we assume that it might involve optimizing the game for streaming.

Doom Eternal launched in March as a sequel to Doom 2016. After putting an end to some of the classic and new Doom enemies and bosses, in Doom Eternal the Slayer is tasked with an even greater responsibility. With the Kahn Maykr sending demonic forces to take over the planet Earth, the Doom Slayer takes matters into his own hands to send these demonic creatures back to where they came from.

Bethesda Games has been a supporter of Xbox Game Pass since Microsoft launched the service. However, the service has never had some of Bethesda's best games like Skyrim and Doom. Xbox Game Pass did receive some not-so-popular releases like Fallout 76 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which aren't regarded among the best Bethesda games.

Nonetheless, fans should now be excited that their favorite Bethesda titles will eventually make it to Xbox Game Pass. Since these games are now first-party Xbox games, there is a high chance that the games coming to Xbox Game Pass are going to stay on the service for good, unlike other third-party games that leave the service after a contract period.

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