Wukong Joins Paragon: The Overprime

A fan favorite has returned.
A fan favorite has returned. Netmarble

Paragon: The Overprime is starting the year right as developer Netmarble announced that the fan-favorite hero Wukong is once again part of the game. There are also six new hero skins and some in-game features that enhance the dynamic battles in the game.

Going back to Wukong, he was originally part of the Epic Games’ Paragon. He is a melee-based warrior who wields the Staff of Mihu. Wukong is bright and has a playful personality which shines through with an optimistic outlook on the world. He comes from the sacred tribe of Etanus and starts his journey to find The Ancient Huahn Text with soulmate, Feng Mao.

Wukong’s key skills include:

  • Two Birds, One Stone
    • The Staff of Mihu extends to damage opponents and utilizes different bonus effects, depending on the stance “Strike” or “Nimble.”
  • Cloud
    • Grants Wukong a second jump while in the air.
  • Change Stance
    • Players can change stance to “Strike” or “Nimble” with bonus effects.
  • 100 Million Lights (Ultimate skill)
    • Upon landing a basic attack, the skill creates a clone that attacks all targets within range.
    • Clones deal a percentage of Wukong's Physical Power as Physical Damage and disappear after a short time.
    • Clones cannot move or pursue targets.

Check out what else Wukong has to offer.

New Hero Skins

  • Rare
    • Muriel
    • Sparrow
    • Twinblast
  • Heroic
    • Wukong
    • Serath
    • Dekker

Balancing Changes

A new update has also been released and one of the balancing changes has adjusted the EXP gain from Kill/Assist from 25% to 20%. In a post, the development team revealed that the EXP gain rate, along with the Sprint Mode, has heavily impacted the outcome of the game. Due to the high EXP gains from enemy hero kills and assists, it's been found out that players have frequently sprinted to lanes to fight and then return to their lanes, the main reason for the decrease.

The Sprint Mode movement speed was also adjusted from 30% to 20%. With this chance, it should take longer to travel to and from other lanes.

Players should also take note that the cooldown for the Portal (Gate) has been changed as well. Instead of one minute, it is now two minutes. According to the dev team, duo lane heroes have been pressured by enemy heroes that can quickly join fights due to the short cooldown of the portals. With this adjustment, it’s expected that players can focus more on the laning phase.

Paragon: The Overprime is available on PC.

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