Paragon: The Overprime Final Test Reveals Heroes and Play Modes

Final test is here and there's a lot of new content.
Final test is here and there's a lot of new content. Netmarble

The final test for Paragon: The Overprime is here, and there’s a lot of new content for everyone to enjoy. For one, there are more heroes to choose from and new modes to try out. There is even a new map.

The final test runs from November 10 to November 21, so expect to see more new content for the duration of this test.

Full Hero Roster

For this final test, players can try all heroes with the chance to hone their skills. These include the likes of Aurora, Dekker, Gadget, Howitzer, and Serath. There are also the heroes from the original Paragon game Khaimera, The Fey, and Wraith.

It’s a New Map

Players can compete in the new map called Aginis of Light, with an enlarged minimap to enable better strategy. There is also the new Item Index that comes with an optimized lobby design.

Check Out the Different Modes

Players can try the Competitive Mode where they are tested to prove their level every season. A maximum of two players can team up and level up against the enemy. They can earn in-game currency, known as Renar, free through play. In fact, they can get as many as 10,000 Renar when a daily mission has been completed. Meanwhile, selected costumes that need Kima, which is the paid in-game currency, can now be bought with Renar.

The Tutorial and Training Grounds modes have both been retracted based on feedback given in previous tests. For Tutorials, players can now adopt the game and get different rewards based on the stage. Training Grounds, on the other hand, can now be accessed with any hero so players can find the one that fits their taste.

Final Test Events

During the final test, here are the events to look out for:

  • I'm a Ranker!
    • Warriors in each region that participated in Competitive Mode during the final test receive rewards after Early Access based on the rank achieved at the end of the final test.
  • ​I'm an Expert!
    • Players need to make a video about game tips and upload it to the platform of choice.
    • Share the link on the Discord channel to receive a reward after Early Access.
  • Share Your Exhilarating Moments!
    • Players need to make a video of their most exhilarating in-game moments during the final test and upload it to different platforms with hashtags.
    • Share the link on the Discord channel to receive a reward after Early Access.

Check out the complete details here.

Wishlist Paragon: The Overprime is available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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