Overprime Now Called Paragon: The Overprime

It's quite a change.
It's quite a change. Netmarble

The upcoming free-to-play action MOBA game from Netmarble is making a big change. From Overprime, it's now titled Paragon: The Overprime. For those of who are following the updates for this game, the change is quite obvious.

When the first cinematic trailer for the game was released, Netmarble revealed that it used the assets of Paragon, developed by Epic Games in 2016. It's quite clear that the studio is aiming to highlight the connection of this upcoming offering with the original Paragon.

In a statement, Project Director Yong-Hoon Choi shared that Paragon: The Overprime is one of the most anticipated games of the studio. He added that they're going to keep on improving each aspect of the project and proof of this is the change to the new title. He went on to say that by putting on this connection to Paragon, they're hoping to offer a special gaming experience that also embraces the unique identity of Paragon.

Since the official announcement, the game has had two closed beta tests with the first one getting about 57,000 players while the second one had more than 356,000 players.

Key features of the game include:

  • TPS Action MOBA
    • This is an action TPS MOBA that anyone can play for free.
    • Choose one of the heroes with original skills, destroy the enemy's base, and claim it as your own.
    • Experience the synesthetic actions from third-person view as well as countless possible strategies from the synergy between heroes and in-game items.
    • Each game played offers an exciting new challenge.
  • Dedicated Cinematics for Each Hero
    • Each hero has come to Prime for their own reasons.
    • Play the hero of your choice on the Prime battlefield.
    • Upgrade the hero's unique skills to improve your play and master the game in your own way.
    • Prime is always attracting more original heroes to the planet.
  • Strategic Team Cooperation
    • The tension on the planet is increasing and you can only rely on your teammates.
    • Be sure to try out different sets by customizing various items to make your hero undefeatable.
    • Cooperate with teammates to discover new ingenious ways to fight.

Wishlist Paragon: The Overprime for PC on Steam.

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