WRC Generations Update 2.2.0: Peripherals and Bug Fixes

WRC Generations Update 2.2.0
WRC Generations Update 2.2.0 Steam

Kylotonn, developer of WRC Generations, released a new update that fixed several issues with peripherals and in-game cars.


The developers fixed multiple issues related to peripherals in this update. One of the biggest issues fixed is linked to the Logitech G920 racing wheel where it would cause the game to crash when plugged in. They also fixed some force feedback issues with certain steering wheels.


Also in this update, the developers fixed issues where the wrong car was displayed in the Catalog vitrine-showroom, if users didn't have the required DLC. Ford Fiesta’s lightpod issues have also been resolved by the latest patch.

WRC Generations Update 2.2.0

  • Some rallye names have been updated.
  • Some rallye branding has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue at the start line of Rallye Acropolis – Paleohori reverse.
  • Solo league hub ranking display fixed.
  • Compute the number of players/teams going down in leagues.
  • Fixed Teams league history period number.
  • The Lancia Delta HF Evo is now showing the proper year.
  • The Team number of the Citroen C4 Loeb 2010 has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue with damaged shadows on several cars (WRC, Legends & Bonus).
  • Fixed an issue with shades on the Hyundai Rally1.
  • Fixed a car wheel issue in several stages.
  • Fixed an issue with Yaris mention on a car.
  • Fixed a lightpod issue on VW car (VA).
  • Fix rendering mode not applying when we change it (requiring a game restart).
  • Added a level presentation camera sequence in the shakedowns.
  • Game Credits updated.
  • Fixed an issue where we could no longer send server requests after extensive manipulations.
  • Better check permissions to receive friend requests on Xbox.
  • Fixed lighting issues on Xbox Series S.
  • Fixed an issue related to waiting for terrain loading when we start a custom race.
  • Fixed a penalty issue on starting the race too early after the countdown.
  • Fixed possible default textures on drivercards.
  • Fixed an issue with slider options related to pad vibration.
  • Fix sponsor’s objectives won’t trigger anymore in shakedowns.
  • Prevent crash in PaceNoteManager when trying to go to next pacenote.
  • Fixed female audio pacenotes during onboarding tuto.
  • Mute all meaningless sounds during the loading.

You can read more about the update here.

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