World of Warships: British Submarines Have Surfaced, Now Available to All Players in Update 12.3

Update 12.3
Update 12.3 Wargaming Studios

The British submarines in World of Warships, which were only available via early access in a previous patch, are now accessible to all players in Update 12.3.

World of Warships players can now research the new British submarines in the tech tree. These submarines include the Tier VI Undine, Tier VIII Sturdy, and Tier X Thrasher. Although they’re only equipped with acoustic homing torpedoes, these submarines can unleash a massive salvo. A perfectly-timed barrage can sink enemy ships without a hitch.

Tier VI Undine
Tier VI Undine Wargaming Studios
Tier VIII Sturdy
Tier VIII Sturdy Wargaming Studios
Tier X Thrasher
Tier X Thrasher Wargaming Studios

The new subs can also use pretty handy consumables, such as Damage Control Party, Submarine Surveillance, and Hydrophone. Players can utilize Submarine Surveillance, for example, to detect enemy submarines, which will be visible to allied ships as well.

In addition, Update 12.3 adds the new Allied Heroes Collection, a six-page collection dedicated to the end of World War II in Europe. Players who complete each page will get a 10-skill-point commander of one of the Allied nations. Those who finish the entire collection are rewarded with three days of Warships Premium Account for their efforts.

Players can obtain the collection elements from the new Allied Heroes containers, which they will find in the Armory in exchange for some Credits and Free XP.

Update 12.3 Allied Heroes
Update 12.3 Allied Heroes Wargaming Studios


  • Launching of torpedoes by surface ships. Every launched torpedo will now produce a separate sound effect.
  • Dropping of ammunition by all squadrons and the operation of attack aircraft machine guns.
  • Main battery shells flying above a ship.
  • The "hissing" sound of bombs dropped by bombers and the sound of skip bomber-launched bombs as they bounce off the water’s surface.
  • Ships colliding with islands and other ships. The intensity of the sound will depend on the speed of your ship.
  • The Research Bureau has been stocked with unique upgrades for X Halland and X Venezia, available in exchange for 19,200 Research Points each.
  • Advanced Mechanical Maintenance (Halland, Slot 6)
    • Increases HP recovery efficiency when using the Repair Party consumable from 50 to 75%
    • Increases the ship's maximum speed by 8% while the Engine Boost consumable is active
    • All consumables gain one additional charge
  • Augmented Smoke Generators (Venezia, Slot 5)
    • Provides two additional Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable charges
    • Reduces Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable cooldown time from 180 to 81 s
  • We've optimized the way the in-game filters work. Now, tooltips will pop up and the ship carousel in the Port will scroll faster.
  • The historical descriptions displayed in the Port for Pan-Asian, Pan-American, European, Commonwealth, Dutch, Spanish, and Soviet ships have been updated.
  • The in-game browser has been updated to a new version.
  • In the Arms Race mode, we've updated the display of a Key Area spawn timer, added a tooltip that pops up when you hover over the timer, and updated the indication of capturing the Key Area and picking up buffs.
  • From now on, once you lock onto a target manually, the lock will not be lost even if your target disappears from sight for a short time.
  • The winner of the latest completed Clan Battles Season will now be displayed on all maps in the bottom-right corner of the battle-loading screen. This change will not apply to Operations or other various temporary battle types.

So, are you going to get your hands on the new British submarines in World of Warships Update 12.3?

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