World of Warships: New British Submarines Coming in Update 12.1

Tier X Thrasher
Tier X Thrasher Wargaming Studios

Wargaming Studios is going to launch Update 12.1 for World of Warships tomorrow, February 15. However, British submarines are arriving three weeks after the release of the said patch.

The Tier VI Undine and Tier VIII Sturdy are British submarines in World of Warships that will be available in sequential bundles. They can be purchased using the new resource called British Tokens.

New British Submarine: Tier VI Undine
New British Submarine: Tier VI Undine Wargaming Studios

The Undine and Sturdy are almost identical to each other, except that the Sturdy has more hit points and moves slightly faster than the Undine. That said, these submarines might not deal the most amount of damage compared to others, but they fire a large number of homing torpedoes per salvo, have fast reload speeds, and have a very long range of fire, allowing them to engage foes from a great distance.

Tier VIII Sturdy
Tier VIII Sturdy Wargaming Studios

Getting all of the stuff in the sequential bundle chain will unlock the ability to purchase the Tier X British submarine, Thrasher. The Tier X Thrasher is capable of sinking enemy ships easily thanks to its eleven torpedo tubes, with eight of them located at the bow or the front of the sub.


  • New Settings
    • Starting number of points at the beginning of battle: 150
    • Points for destroying an enemy ship: +40 for all ship types
    • Points for losing a ship: –25 for all ship types
  • Updated the display of squadrons on the decks of aircraft carriers in the Port and in battle. Aircraft carrier decks now display all types of squadrons available on the ship. The number of aircraft of each squadron on deck is now equal to the size of the attacking flight.
  • Added interactive music for submarines. It matches their special dynamic and stealthy gameplay. The music will change depending on several factors:
    • Combat situation and time remaining until the end of the battle.
    • Actions performed by the submarine or her opponents. These actions include detection and destruction of opposing ships, hitting opposing ships with sonar pings and torpedoes, capturing Key Areas, being attacked or destroyed by the opposition, and having your bearing taken by an opposing submarine.
    • Location of the submarine — on the surface or underwater.
    • The new music will be active in Dynamic and Mixed modes.

So, what can you say about the upcoming British submarines in World of Warships Update 12.1?

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