World of Warships: British Battleships are Here While French Cruisers are Now in the Tech Tree

Look who's joining the battle.
Look who's joining the battle. Wargaming

The new update for World of Warships has been released, and it's bringing a lot of things, including British Battleships; update 0.11.6 also introduces French Cruisers in the Tech Tree. Expect to see as well as the separation of the Exterior Visuals and Economic Bonuses.

Prepare for the British

British Battleships are equipped with torpedoes and main guns. While the main guns don't have a long range, these battleships are excellent when in medium- to knife-duel distances. They come with a Repair Party consumable that can regenerate a large amount of lost HP.

The battleships carry HE shells that have standard penetration capacity and average accuracy scores; they also have AP shells with a short fuse time. Since the AP shells are less likely to over-penetrate, they're best used against lightly armored targets. In addition, the main batteries are solid enough, with calibers reaching 457 mm at Tier X.

The ships are equipped with Engine Boost starting from Tier V and Defensive AA Fire from Tier VI. The Repair Party is replaced by Specialized Repair Teams at Tier IX.

These new battleships are just Part 1, so be sure to look forward to the next part. You can read more about these British beauties here.

The French Cruisers

The main feature of these new ships is their large-caliber guns mounted on their bows. The reload may be slow but this is compensated with the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. Through the "French-specific" Engine Boost consumable, these new ships can achieve high speeds. While the armor of the ships can withstand medium-caliber AP shells, they're not as good when against HE and SAP shells. As such, it's recommended to fight at medium and long ranges. However, if there is a need for close-range encounters, 139 mm secondary battery guns can turn the battle in their favor.

Exterior Visuals vs. Economic Bonuses

In World of Warships, one of the important components is the in-game economy, which has been the same since the first launch or about seven years ago. With Update 0.11.6, the economic components were overhauled to separate the economic bonuses and visuals. Work is still being done, and the goals include:

  • Offer an option to select economic bonuses and camouflages separately.
  • Simplify management of economic bonuses.
  • Make sure the transition from the old system to the new one is as comfortable as possible.
  • Maintain the current state of the in-game economy.

Learn more about Update 0.11.6 here. World of Warships is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and iOS.

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