World of Warcraft: Can You Survive the Twisting Corridors of Torghast?

Are you up to the task?
Are you up to the task? Blizzards

Torghast itself is already difficult but that hasn’t stopped World of Warcraft from offering more. The Tower of the Damned has revealed a new passageway called the Twisting Corridors. Here, players get to face the cruelest henchmen - the Jailer. Don’t worry since at the end of it are special cosmetic rewards.

To the twisting Corridors, players need to complete the “Signs of the Lion” quest. This particular quest is going to be offered by Bolvar Fordragon in Oribos as part of the player’s search for Azeroth’s leaders in Torghast.

The Twisting Corridors have three layers and six floors per layer, that’s a total of 18 floors all teeming with brutal enemies. Players must be fully armed if they want to succeed in conquering all floors. Like the previous layers, the corridors have the usual break rooms located on the third floor, while a boss is waiting for players on the sixth floor. But be warned, there’s no Soul Ash in these corridors. Also, the floors in the Twisting Corridors are smaller than the usual layers.

As mentioned, there are interesting cosmetic rewards, which are:

  • Layer 2
    • Battle Pet: Death Seeker
  • Layer 4
    • Toy: Helm of the Dominated
  • Layer 6
    • Title: Spirestalker
  • Layer 8
    • Mount: Corridor Creeper

The Twisting Corridors are the latest addition to Torghast. Torghast is an infinite dungeon introduced with the Shadowlands expansion. Infinite means you can replay the dungeons because they continue to change. Whether alone or with a team, players get to experience a different run each time.

The Shadowlands expansion is the eighth expansion introduced to World of Warcraft. It welcomes players to the realm of the dead. In addition to offering an overhauled leveling system, it added the first-ever level squish. What it means is that players whose characters are at level 120, the level cap in Battle for Azeroth, have been lowered back to level 50. This latest expansion also included the Death Knight class for races that didn’t have access to it. Of course, there are the new dungeons and raids for everyone to try out.

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